Friday, February 03, 2006

Brothers and Sisters

Crazy Train (of thoughts)

My desk is a mess – must get organized today.

Badonkadonk, badonkadonk, badonkadonk! I love that word. Badonkadonk!

Julian Bond has sunk to a new low. How can one speak for reconciliation out one side of the mouth, and spew “I hate white people” speech out the other side?

Yes, the Stones are in their sixties, but they deserve their icon status. Which of us hasn’t sung along to one of their songs?

What’s up with all the repeats of LOST? Give us new episodes or get lost!

Speed bumps are made to slow your speed, not destroy your car. Why do so many people slow to a painful crawl and gingerly cross over the bump? If you fear your car will fall apart from the jolt, it shouldn’t be on the road. Now move over, I’ve gotta be somewhere!

Marital Bliss

My wife calls me every morning to let me know she has arrived at work, and each afternoon to tell me when she will get home. We text and email each other during the day. We cannot get enough of each other. It’s wonderful.


Jill and I are taking the girls to New York City for the weekend to see Avenue Q, the wax museum, and dine at Serendipity. In true girl fashion, they had to go shopping last night to get new outfits for the trip. This morning on the way to school they proceeded to tell me they needed $$$ for NY, to do what, go shopping!!! Didn’t we do that last night?

Today’s Rant

I read an editorial today written by someone who finds it “sickening” to see a teenager driving a car that “would take me years to pay for.” Where did the moral “If I can’t have one, no one else should have one either” come from? Freedom in a capitalist society means being able to earn as much money as you are capable of, and spending it on what you want to spend it on. If you don’t like it, move to a third world country and ride a donkey.

Book Report

I’ve learned my newest book, Brothers and Sisters, will be in the warehouse by mid-February. I’m eager to see it. Here’s an excerpt:

“I began life as a firstborn child. Thankfully, my parents had the foresight to give me a baby brother to assure that I would not live as an only child. They saw that I enjoyed him so much they soon gave me two more. I always had a great time playing with my three younger brothers, climbing trees, digging holes in the backyard, collecting worms and other such little boy stuff. But, being the kind of child who wanted all life had to offer, I eventually asked them for a little sister. They happily gave me one of those, too.”

I love my siblings!

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