Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The burn that keeps on burning

Crazy Train (of thought)

Today is trash day, and I was going around each room collecting what rubbish I could find. You know, you can tell a lot about people from their trash. Linley’s basket had enough candy wrappers to choke an elephant, or send it into a diabetic coma had it eaten that much candy. Meagan’s was overstuffed with tissue. Think I’ll invest in a paper company by day’s end. Jill’s had lots of beauty product containers, none that were completely empty. Perhaps an allowance is in order. Mine? Yards of dental floss and plenty of cotton swabs. I like my teeth and ears clean. If only I could get Princess to use a litter box. Then I wouldn’t be outside picking up individual puppy nuggets.

Jill likes to think she is famous for two recipes, English Trifle and something called matchstick carrots. I’ve never seen her cook either in two years. Maybe it’s because we don’t have a matchstick carrot pan.

Marital Bliss

Jill has a sore neck and it has kept her from sleeping well the last few nights. We bought some sports cream and I rubbed it on her neck and shoulders, giving her a good massage last night. The crème was strong; I could feel its burn in my hands. A while later I had to go to the bathroom. You know where I’m going. Let’s just say I was decommissioned last night, and the goodwill I earned with my nursing had to be put in the bank. I was reminded of a time when I made salsa with habaneras…


Probably the highlight of my day on Monday, when I took Meagan to the University of Georgia on a field trip, was at lunch, after we had toured campus and checked out the dorms. I was talking about how much fun she would have living in Athens. My precociously mature, self-reliant, independent teenager sat across from me and fiddled with her salad. “Is something wrong?” I asked.
“Will you come visit me?” she asked.
My heart melted, and tears came to my eyes. I wanted to reach across the table and kiss her. “Of course I will,” I answered, “at least once a week.”
She started to choke on her salad. “Ah, that’s a bit much,” she managed to get out. It didn’t matter. My little girl had told me she would miss me when she leaves home.

Today’s Rant

I closed a savings account yesterday, one in which I had been depositing pocket change for nearly ten years. I had been saving for Meagan’s first car, and now needed to put the cash in her checking account in preparation for buying it (she wants a Murano). The bank teller gave me the 100 question quiz about why I wanted to close the account, why didn’t I want a loan, why I didn’t want a CD (because 3.25% is a joke), etc. Hey lady, it’s my money. Just give it to me!

Book Report

I sat with a friend and hopeful future author yesterday, telling her my story and giving suggestions on how she could get started with her book project. Getting published is a highly competitive sport. Writers often don’t tell each other much more than what can be gleaned from the How To books and magazines. I gave her the inside details on what to do. It’s the see one, do one, teach one principle, the way I’ve learned almost everything I know. If I can help you, give me a call.

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