Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lamb and Rice

Crazy Train (of thought)

Meagan had a little talk with me about posting the details of her bodily functions. I promised not to identify HER bodily functions in the future. In the future, if it is necessary to write about a bodily function, I will attribute the function to Somebody, who could be anybody.

It rained yesterday and was cold, too. I was driving around town with the windows closed up tight and the heater going to keep the interior warm and toasty for all. Somebody farted and nearly killed me.

Last night Jill and I took a break from our evening duties and laid on the bed for a power nap. I held her close, whispered a few things in her ear, and kissed her check. Just when I was beginning to think we would skip the nap, Princess pranced in the room. She positioned herself beside the bed, gagged a few times, and then spewed regurge. Nothing like the aroma of recycled lamb and rice to kill a tender moment.

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Marital Bliss

Jill and I are planning a road trip in April. We are going to drive the coastline of Florida, staying in bed & breakfast inns along the way. She plans to navigate while I drive. The last time we had a big road trip planned, driving from Atlanta to Cleveland, OH, she was navigating. She used MapQuest to get directions, mapped it out on an atlas, and put it all in a folder. I was impressed, until we set out, that is. We were less than a quarter mile from home when she opened the folder, read the directions for the entire trip to me, put her folder away, and then fell asleep. Thanks babe, but I’ll drive and navigate. You just go to sleep, and I’ll wake you when we get there.


I was going through the Meagan Box (a cardboard box filled with old photos, cards, artwork, baby paraphernalia, report cards and achievement certificates) yesterday looking for her PSAT scores. When I removed the lid I was taken back in time. Fond memories overcame me as I reached inside and sorted through the evidence of the life we have shared over the last 15 years. Finger painting, hand prints, misspelled notes of affection, hilarious drawings and more. It took me almost an hour to find her PSAT. Not sure if I was slow at the task, or if I struggled to see through the tears.

Today’s Rant

Give me a break. Why are some fighting so hard to protect the rights of that arse Michael Morales in CA who barely eluded the death penalty the other day? The doctors who were supposed to monitor the execution found themselves in an ethical quandary? I bet the father of the dead little girl, the one who was raped and bludgeoned with a hammer until she died, wouldn’t have that dilemma. I have three strong opinions on the death penalty issue: 1) It doesn’t work as a deterrent because it isn’t used often enough. Crank up the chair more often and put the fear of God and unfavorable odds in the hearts of Morales and others like him, 2) When a criminal commits murder, when he stripped another life of all rights, he then also should lose all rights except those required by the Constitution, which do not include air conditioning, color television, hot meals, hot water, fitness equipment, etc., and 3) the victim’s family should be able to appoint one person as the Revengenator who gets about 10 minutes with the none-lethal weapon of choice to work out a little frustration on the perp.

Book Report

It’s Thursday, the day the New York Times releases the new list of best selling books. Every author in North America has clicked on the site by now, hoping to see their book listed. Some will click more than once, hoping a mistake was made and corrected, and their book is now in the top 5. I know, because I’ve done it. Gotta go, need to check again, just in case!

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