Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love and Happiness

Crazy Train (of thought)

I’ve had 5 couples either call or send a thank you note since our party Saturday night. I love southern manners.

Jill and I now know about 25% of the people in our neighborhood. It is great feeling connected, even if in some small measure, to your neighbors.

My editor says she likes the rewrite of the introduction to the next book. Great, now on to the next one.

My shrubs and trees are beginning to bud. Spring at last, spring at last!

Meagan and I are going to practice parallel parking this weekend. Please pray for me.

Marital Bliss

I adore my wife and compliment her each chance I get. I think she is beautiful and I let her know it. Sometimes it is a sweet word or two, like “I love to look at your face,” and other times it is more playful, like “That’s an awesome badonkadonk!” Either way, she appreciates it. I know because last night she told me she feels better about herself than she ever has in her life. I took that as a compliment. I've never been happier!


Sometimes you just have to give in to your kids and let them have a little break. I’m serious about eating right and hate sugar for breakfast. This morning on the way to school I took Linley, who has been quite sick with a cold, through a fast-food joint planning to get her an egg biscuit. She asked for two cinnamon buns instead. Wanting to cheer her up, I agreed. As she gobbled them down, she managed to tell me, “When I am a parent, I won’t dare let my kids eat like this.” Gotta love the irony.

Today’s Rant

It’s the day after the day of LOVE, and I am still feeling the sweet aftereffects of my wife’s company. Just can’t find it in me to be ranting about anything right now.

Book Report

Why can’t I sell my novel? By Spring I’ll have 13 books out, and with those under contract or on the drawing board, possibly 17 by Spring ’07. Over 2 million books have been sold. The novel is a southern romance, and those that have read it like it. What gives? Why can’t I break out of my genre? Ugh, so frustrating!

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