Monday, February 13, 2006

Love Signs

Crazy Train (of thought)

I’m so grateful I don’t travel to OH twice a month anymore. If I did, I’d be snowed in at the hotel, bored to death and missing my family right now.

This is the week the girls come home to us. Hurray!

My neighbor has a night club set up in his basement, mirror ball and all. After five hours of partying at my house, we moved over there to dance. It’s great to realize that even though I am half-way to 90, there’s still a little boogie in my shoes.

Meagan thinks Jill and I are dull and boring. She can’t believe that the couple she baby-sits for, who she thinks are so cool and hip, came to our party and had a blast.

Marital Bliss

After the long weekend of food preparation and entertaining, I was tired last night. My great wife, sensing my fatigue, filled the garden tub with hot bubbly water and opened a bottle of champagne, both for me. She’s priceless!


Today is the Valentine’s Day dance at Linley’s Cotillion class. I supposed to show up and dance with her. I’m going, but who knows if I will be welcomed or if this will be one of those embarrassing, life scarring moments for her, when I “should have known” that she didn’t want one of her parent figures to make an appearance at school for all her friends to see.

Today’s Rant

Even though I have lived at my current address for 16 months and have notified al of the move, some of those I conduct business with still ship material to my old address. What’s worse is the people at the old address KEEP the stuff that arrives there instead of forwarding or returning it. Is that theft, or just rudeness?

Book Report

The party was actually a promotional event for my book, “Love Signs.” I gave a signed copy to each female guest. I hope that word of mouth will help make a few sales in the near future. Here’s an excerpt:

Most often we express our love through language, as in simply saying, “I love you.” Other times we express our love through the written word, as when penning love poems or sweet notes to one another. And then there is love expressed in gestures, as in those things that we do for one another to give shape to and evidence of the true passions of our hearts. The words, “I love you,” whether spoken or written, are a profound statement. When coupled with an embrace, walking hand in hand, stealing a kiss, sharing a romantic nuzzle, or a hundred other tender, giving gestures, these words are elevated to an experience, a lasting memory, a delicate, reflective moment of proof, a love sign, that demonstrates you care for me and I care for you in a way that words alone cannot. This book is about showing love signs, those priceless moments we can create that allows our loved ones to think to themselves, “I know that I am loved.”

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