Friday, February 17, 2006

Observations from behind the wheel

Crazy Train (of thought)

I am one of those who are hard pressed to call curling a sport. I think I’ve seen enough to keep me from moving to Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Why do so many drivers run red lights but stop beneath KEEP MOVING signs?

I noticed today that the same guy has been standing at the corner for three weeks holding a cup and sign that says, “Please help, going to FL.” What, is he saving to charter a plane?

Have you ever wondered what an idiot looks like? I saw one today. Some guy (not the one with the cup and sign) ran across three lanes of moving traffic trying to flag down a bus. When it didn’t stop, he gave it the finger, and then started yelling at the drivers in cars who were blowing their horns at him. I looked at Meagan and said, “That is why you always drive with your doors locked.”

Hey, I’m only saying out loud just what you are thinking, and you know it!

Marital Bliss

I saw a program on the TV while on the treadmill at the gym this morning. It was about a woman who had had 30 plastic surgeries in 10 years. She admitted to being obsessed with her minor physical flaws. She looked bizarre; no telling how much money was wasted, all to end up on TV as an example of what not to do. Later, after I came home, I got an email from my wife telling me she couldn’t wait to get home and snuggle with me. I love my NATURAL woman! Let the weekend begin!


Cooking around our house is always an adventure. Jill will eat almost anything, she’s adventurous. I have been cooking for Meagan almost 16 years, so I have her figured out, unless she is on a diet I don’t know about. Now Linley, on the other hand, has a black & white approach to food. Either she loves it, or she hates it, and her opinion last week has nothing to do with her opinion this week. She loves pizza, light on the tomato sauce, thick on the cheese, lots of pepperoni. That’s just what I made for dinner last night. Served it, only to have her rejected it. “Don’t like Pizza anymore,” she said. This is why I have a 200 sheet pack of nori seaweed in the pantry. At least someone else ate the pizza.

Today’s Rant

Let me add Nancy Pelosi to the Barbara Boxer list. Where was all this Democratic outrage when Big Ted Kennedy had that little accident at the bridge with the woman who was not his wife?

Book Report

I’ve begun work on my next book about best friends. As I look for models I ask people, “Who is your best friend?” I can’t tell you how often I am told, “My husband” or “My wife.” How wonderful is that? Pretty dang wonderful, I think, and inspiring, too.

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