Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tax the gardener

Crazy Train (of thought)

With all due respect to Coretta Scott King, a model for dignity and grace, I was appalled by some of what I saw during the funeral yesterday. Jimmy, it was a funeral, a church, and a pulpit, not a campaign trail!

Brittany Spears is yet more proof that success does not necessarily require good sense. She uses her baby as an extra airbag.

Jill loves chicken pot pie, so I made two of them, from scratch. The reward was delicious!

Tomorrow is my Dad’s 69th birthday. I wish he had written a book. I’d like to have a collection of all the things he has seen.

The AJC is seeking bloggers to feature in the paper. I nominated myself. Wonder if I have a chance?

Marital Bliss

As I drove through town yesterday on my errands, a bit irritated that Princess had thrown up on the floor that morning and my to-do list seemed to grow rather than shrink with each stop, I switched on the radio. The service for Coretta Scott King was on the air, and Rev. Joseph Lowery was at the podium. He pondered what it was like in heaven when Martin Luther King, Jr. got the news that his wife was at the pearly gates. “He went running toward the gates,” Lowery said, “and Martin shouted, ‘Together at last, together at last, thank God Almighty, together at last.’” Tears streamed down my checks as I prayed that death would not separate Jill and I for many years to come. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my list. “Buy flowers,” I wrote across the top.


Linley damaged her cell phone so badly it hardly worked, so we replaced it. She’s a bit forgetful and promptly lost it within a week. She searched for it for days, but to no avail. Jill and I decided not to replace it, thinking a lesson needed to be taught. Last night I dropped myself onto the couch for a bit of relaxation watching television. I landed between the cushions, my butt pushing them apart somewhat. A shooting pain went through my spine. Guess what I found.

Today’s Rant

I read an article by Tim Dickinson in the January issue of Rolling Stone magazine. It was titled something like “Republican Budget Starves Little Children and Denies Healthcare to the Poor.” I became so angered as I read it that I forgot to right down the exact title. It was another whining liberal thesis that basically said the greedy rich shouldn’t get tax relief because it isn’t fair that there are so many people in the country who are not rich. The line that got me the most was, “…money (from the tax cuts) will go directly into the pockets of the wealthiest Americans.” Ah, correction Mr. Dickinson. The money will STAY in the pockets of the wealthiest Americans. You may be too simple minded to understand this concept, but in truth, the government does not generate revenue, it TAKES cash in the form of taxes from those that earn money. Tax cuts serve to permit the wage earner to KEEP MORE of what has been earned. Taxation is the legal seizure of cash assets; a tax cut is simply the taking of less money than what has been taken in the past.

Indulge me for a moment, Mr. Dickinson. Imagine you were a gardener, one who studied gardening for years, who tilled your soil for years to get it just right, who worked in your garden everyday to make sure it was a success, who at the end of the growing season had abundant produce. Now, you might not mind when your neighbor asks for a enough vegetables to make a meal. You might even feel led to give more produce to others, whether they asked for it or not. But if the Garden Patrol came along and said, “Others have gardens that do not yield as much as yours, so we are going to take this much from you, without giving you any compensation, and give it to the others as we see fit,” how would you feel then? I’d think it might piss you off.

Book Report

I have met many great people in the course of taking photographs for my books. When working on the book about adoption, “Why I Chose You,” I met a gentleman in Savannah who was in the process of adopting a foster child. I just got an email from him with photos attached. It has been a year since the adoption took place. His son is very happy. God bless those that give a heart and a home to a child who has no family. God bless Steven S.

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tim dickinson said...

Hey Greg,

thanks for your critique of my piece ( called The Deficit Lie, btw)

I appreciate your hatred of taxes-- just finished doing mine myself. But we all have to do our part.

I'm clearly not going to change your mind about whether the wealthiest among us should shoulder a larger burden to support the economic and political system that facilitated their becoming so rich. But I'm glad that you found the story worth remarking on all the same.