Friday, February 24, 2006


Crazy Train (of thought)

For dinner tonight I am cooking Chicken Puttanesca, sautéed garlic spinach and sun-dried tomato couscous. As I described the meal for Jill while she was getting ready to leave for work, she rubbed her belly and said “Yummy” quite a few times. Then, later, when I was helping her get her things in the car, I noticed she looked perplexed. “Something wrong?” I asked. “What’s pootin’ sauce?” she responded.

I think Princess has access to the Internet. Just as I finished my Lamb and Rice post yesterday, she came alongside my desk and puked on the floor, and then pranced off with her head held high in a self-congratulatory fashion. I think I’ll give her a bag lunch and twenty dollars, and leave her on a curb somewhere.

Jill and I both do the laundry. I am able to match everything and get it in its proper drawer. Jill, my sweet darling wife, matches nothing, just throws it in there. Then, when she cannot find a mate to something, it goes in its own “orphan” drawer. You won’t believe what all I’ve found in these drawers. I’m thinking of organizing an adoption day and have the girls sort through everything with me, and then ban Jill from doing laundry.

Marital Bliss

One day recently when I was going through the orphan sock drawer, I found old hotel keys from all the places Jill and I have been, programs from plays or ballets we have seen together, my letters to her, even a few dried roses. I didn’t know she saved all these things. That women is my greatest treasure, I love her so much.


Meagan goes through stages of thinking I am a royal pain to not being able to get enough of me. Right now, thankfully, we are in the latter stage. I get hugs and kisses, text messages, and lots of email with those hieroglyphic symbols kids use all the time. She’s been ending her notes with “Love you like a fat kid loves cake,” and <3 (a kiss). My life is soooo good.

Today’s Rant

I saw a debate last night about the Morales case and whether the death penalty should be abolished. One goober head kept saying it doesn’t work. Like I said yesterday, it would if it were used more often and more rapidly. It’s like this, when you kid acts up, you say “If you do that again, you go to time out.” But then when your kid acts up, you fail to put him in time out. This happens again and again. Soon the kid learns that you just threaten punishment, but never implement it, so he goes on to become a terrorist, the kind of kid your neighbors don’t want in their house. Your neighbor, however, always puts his kid in time out, and seldom has to do so, because his kid is a choirboy, respectful and obedient, because he hates the way the basement smells and is afraid of the spiders down there where he has to serve his time out. Now that’s a deterrent that works because it is implemented!

Book Report

Sometimes I get reader mail that is a teachable moment, something worth sharing, something that might benefit another. Yesterday I got a note from someone seeking advice on how to leave the one she’s with for the one she wants. Here’s what I told her (edited somewhat to protect the identity of the sender):

“Being separated for three years is like being a little bit married. You can’t do that and move on to a new relationship with fidelity and integrity. Your heart may belong to one man, but it simply doesn’t look like it. If you want the new guy to stay, you must let him know you will commit to him, not expect him to hang around while you try to negotiate your way out of old promises. So choose one man, and then take the necessary steps to focus only on that relationship. You must pour your passion into one glass, lest two glasses be less than full.”

I hope she makes a decision. Living in limbo isn’t fun for anyone.

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Meagan said...

Dad that's a heart not a kiss...
ugh nice try though.