Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today is my birthday

Crazy Train (of thought)

My wife left a birthday gift for me on the seat of my car. It’s the little things that count so much.

Why would Bill Campbell pay for everything in cash unless he was trying to hide his trail, and why would he need to hide his trail if he is not guilty of anything?

I’m really not a Mariah Carey fan, but you’ve got to admire someone who came back strong from such a humiliating backslide.

Why does it always take 20 minutes to fill a prescription, even if you are the only customer in the pharmacy?

Marital Bliss

Sometimes a few words are all it takes to make everything worthwhile. Jill told me last night she feels like we have been on a date for two years (that’s how long I’ve known her). I felt like I floated off the floor. I put a little extra chicken pot pie in her lunch today, and I played fetch with Princess a bit longer than usual.


I turned 46 today, and Meagan cheerfully announced that I am now more than half-way to 90!

Today’s Rant

I was surprised to get a note from Tim Dickinson last night in response to my rant yesterday. Tim, I’d like to chat with you a little if you would give me an email address so that I can do so.

For the record, I understand why taxes are necessary. I use the infrastructure and public services and they must be funded somehow. I am also aware that there are the truly needy who cannot support themselves and must rely on taxpayers for their support. What I disagree with is the failure of this country to hold its citizens accountable for themselves, i.e., get fat, smoke and drink all your life, don’t save a dime, and don’t worry, either, because we have a bailout program for you! It is the entitlement mentality, looking to the government for everything, that kills me.

Book Report

No book report today.

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