Monday, February 20, 2006

Twinkies and more

Crazy Train (of thought)

To the little Twinkie in the silver BMW 3 series traveling on Spalding Drive yesterday, who couldn’t drive the speed limit until someone attempted to pass you, who then accelerated rapidly to thwart the pass attempt, BITE ME.

Marital Bliss

I’ve written a couple of books for my wonderful wife; the first was titled “Why I Love You: 100 Reasons.” Yesterday, after I returned home from making four stops to purchase all that was on my list, after driving 2.5 hours to take Linley somewhere she wanted to go, and just before starting dinner, I found a letter on my desk. It was from Jill, and she listed 100 reasons why she loves me. It was the best letter I’ve ever received, the best gift she could have given me. I will cherish it always. If the house ever catches fire, it will be one of the things I make sure I take with me.


Meagan and I practiced parallel parking this weekend, to prepare her for the upcoming driving test. It was so funny – sometimes 8 feet from the curb, sometimes one tire over the curb, and now and then perfectly placed. On each perfect park, we had to do a “Wahoo” and sometimes she jumped out of the car to do a cartwheel or split in the parking lot. Love to make my girl happy!

On the way home from visiting my parents Saturday night, Jill and Linley slept in the back seat while Meagan and I chatted quietly up front. Linley was leaning against the side window, her breath fogging it up quite a bit. Sometime during the drive she woke up and started writing messages in the condensation, things like “Smile,” “drive carefully,” even “Jesus saves.” She has a cold and sneezed a few times during her efforts. I had to clean the goop off the window yesterday so I could see out the window, and I couldn’t help but smile at the little hearts she had drawn, now dried and a bit crusty, but precious all the same.

Today’s Rant

How many more partners in extramarital affairs need be trotted before the jury before the loyal Atlanta voters finally figure out their ex-Mayor, the Dishonorable Bill Campbell, ain’t all that and a bag of chips? People, he could afford the romping romances because he was lining his pockets with illegal proceeds! Wake up!!!

Book Report

I walked into a Barnes and Noble yesterday just to check on their inventory. It’s one of those things writers do. We like to see our books on a shelf. I was blown away. Not only were my books in three different sections of the store, but there was a large display up front and center promoting the books. Usually the publisher pays for this kind of placement, but occasionally a store will promote titles that sell well at their location. I can’t help it, I was feeling pretty proud of myself right then!

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