Monday, March 06, 2006

Celebrity sighting

Crazy Train (of thought)

I love to listen to classic rock radio. The other day Meagan and I were driving along and the song “Who Are You,” by The Who, came on. Meagan squealed, “I love this song, listen, it’s the CSI song!” Just when you think you were going to be cool…

I agree with Somebody that the worst kind of buggers are those that block your nasal passage and you are in a place where you can’t pick it out. It’s even worse if it whistles when you breathe.

Isn’t it funny that those young Turks who rail against capitalism are always wearing the latest trend setting shoes and lots of bling-bling.

I’m beginning to think the reason I watch Fox News all day long is because they keep finding new unbelievable hotties to report the news.

Marital Bliss

There is a moment in our church service when we are asked to turn to someone and greet them. Jill and I always turn to each other and have a big hug. I can’t help it; she’s irresistible.


I took the kids to target to buy a pack of pencils and two 3-ring binders. How did we manage to leave with that and three CDs, game software, mascara and a new bikini? All I got was a pack of mints.

Today’s Rant

What has happened to manners? When did women stop saying “thank you” when a man holds the door for them, why do people not reciprocate a “Good morning” to a passing stranger, and why, pray tell, do people not say thanks after receiving an unexpected gift? I was raised better than this. I keep thank you notes in a drawer and I use them. Sometimes I call instead of write, sometimes I do both. I answer every email I receive, promptly. I arrive on time. I wait for all to be served before I put my fork in my food. Am I a relic, old-fashioned, old-school, arrogant and snobbish? Or courteous and polite? Call me what you will, but I’ll be dead before I fail to acknowledge the grace offered me by another.

Book Report

We had a brief moment of celebrity Saturday night. I took the wife and girls to dinner at a hot spot in Atlanta. Half-way through our meal we noticed a table of ten adults sitting nearby. They were all from our neighborhood, and many had attended the party Jill and I hosted to celebrate Valentine’s Day. During the party I gave a copy of my book “Love Signs” to each female guest. Two women around this table yelled out “We love your book!” A brief exchange ensued and soon may ears tuned in. It was fun for a moment, watching others at surrounding tables try to figure out if I was a “somebody.” As long as my wife and daughters think so, then I am.

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