Friday, March 31, 2006

Family Time

Crazy Train (of thought)

Alec Baldwin is just like the rest of the vane egocentrics who think they are right just because. Corner them in an informed, articulate academic debate, and they cry for mommy.

Quote of the day: “Artichoke fartichoke!”

Rep. Cynthia McKenney is the best explanation for why we won’t ever move to Dekalb County.

I’m not sure how it happened, but the CD “Monkey Business” by the Black eyed Peas has become the soundtrack for our morning commute to school.

Linley offered to copy the Monkey Business CD for me, but I declined, citing copyright law. She thought I was silly until I reminded her I have multiple copyrights that generate royalty revenue, which trickles down to allowance. Funny how clear things become when it relates back to your own pocket.

There are always several versions of the “truth.” You might consider not believing the version no one else believes.

Marital Bliss

A few thoughts today:

Jill and I have a great division of labor. We each do what we can see need be done, and then we help each other until it all is done. Partners, we are, in every sense of the word.


My gal has slender legs up to her elbows. I love watching her get ready in the morning. She is BEAUTIFUL and all mine.

Last, how does she know I love her?

1. I tell her everyday that I do, sometimes as many as twenty-times.
2. I wear my wedding band everyday, everywhere I go.
3. I go nowhere I haven’t first told her about.
4. I always come home when I said I would.
5. I end every day with a statement about how grateful I am that I had another day with her.


“Hey, I’ve known you for almost two years now,” Meagan said to Jill last night. It’s true, just over two years have gone by since the day my life took the surprise turn in the road that has made me happier than ever. Once a confirmed bachelor who publicly vowed to never remarry, I had lunch with a high school friend in late January 2004. She brought along a friend of hers, a smoking hot woman named Jill. I fell in love with her within the hour. We wed in December that year and merged our families. I could not have asked for a better experience in putting our families together. I have only to think about last night to find assurance that our girls are indeed siblings, and our home shelters one united family. Meagan’s boyfriend was over for a visit and Linley sat and chatted with them for a long time. After he left she gave Meagan her approval and then sat in the club chair with her. Both squeezed in tight side-by-side, they proceeded to play, poking their stomachs out as far as they would go, making fun of each others’ habits, kidding about who Linley’s first boyfriend might be, planning our summer vacation and more. Jill and I sat and watched them, delighted with what we have done.

Today’s Rant

Since when did the door-to-door fund raisers adopt a sense of entitlement? Sure, they might be passionate about their cause, but that doesn’t mean I have to be. Don’t ask for money and then get indignant when the answer is “No.” Besides, Jill and I have our causes of choice to support and we do, quite generously, thank you.

Book Report

In each of my books I write an Acknowledgment section that gives thanks to people that have helped me with that specific book and in life in general. In the book “Life Maps: Simple Directions for Living” I acknowledged a rather long list of people, some going back 20+ years in my life. Since it came out, a few people have jokingly complained they are not on the list and expect to be acknowledged in a future book. I get a kick out of it, seeing the books become so popular that now even my drycleaner wants to see his name in print.

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