Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"I bought you a Lexus!"

Crazy Train (of thought)

Well, I am disappointed to confess that I did not shed any weight in February. The good news is that I am still ahead of my timetable because of the pounds I lost in January. I added 15 minutes to my treadmill time today, and will keep that up. Hope it works.

The AJC still has not called. Funny, I do radio interviews all over the country and have articles about the books appear in all sorts of papers in the US, but my hometown has no interest.

My cousin Marie Brown walks for a breast cancer fund raiser every year because, she says, “I can’t walk away.” We all love her.

Marital Bliss

Some people think public affection is sickening to watch. I guess it is a matter of degree. I don’t want to watch someone’s full-on make out session either, unless I could arrange it between, well, never mind. But little gestures of public affection are sweet, even inspirational. I always open the car door and gym door for Jill, we hold hands when we walk across the parking lot, we work out together and cheer one another on, and we kiss at the end of every workout. I leave the gym with my hand on her back. The folks behind the counter always smile at us; they think we are a sweet old couple. Ah, I’m only halfway to ninety!


Somehow Linley and I got on the subject of how we would want to die. We agree that passing in your sleep is the best way to go. Number Two would be in an explosion, because it would be quick, and we both like fireworks.

Today’s Rant

I know of a guy who thinks that just because he bought his wife a Lexus, he owns her and has a right to expect nothing less than total compliance with his wishes. I hope that Jill and I are leaving our girls with a different understanding of what they can expect in marriage. I hope they would kick the shit out of a man who would treat them like property.

Book Report

Here’s an email I received last night:

“Today is my 16th birthday. I am not big on birthdays, but my family makes me celebrate them every year. Tonight I had a party with my family, and while I was opening my gift from my mom, it was you book, "Why a Son Needs a Mom". At first I didn't think much of it and rested it aside to open my other presents. At the end of the night when everybody left, I was thinking about how lucky I have been in life to have such a great family. My family is the best. We are all so close and love each other so much. I was thinking about how much I loved my family and how lucky I am to have them, so I sat down and read your book. I started to cry because I realized how much my Mom means to me. We were very close as kids but have grown distant over the last few years. I just wanted to say Thank You because I haven’t thought about how important that she is in my life in a long time.”

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