Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm a stud!!!

Crazy Train (of thought)

Quote of the Day (from Meagan): “At my age, (almost 16) you should be more worried about your future than your boyfriend.” That’s my girl!!!

Second-best Quote (Caiylyn, Meagan’s girlfriend, as they were getting ready for our dinner out over the weekend): “Shoulders back, boobs out.”

Honorable Mention (overheard at a party recently when a woman was examining a guy’s pecs): “Okay, you’ve seen mine, now let me see yours,” he said. She gladly obliged. “Okay, you win,” he said. “Yours are much better than mine.” I couldn’t help but agree.

If I can get the dog to do her business in the same place everyday, why can’t the women in my house?

Marital Bliss

Some people say Jill and I have the best of both worlds. Because of our custody arrangements, we have our girls for half the month, and then we are alone for the other half. I am not sure this is the best world, as we both would want our angels with us all the time. Yet it is wonderful to have so much time to date my wife. Our strength as a couple is that we truly enjoy one another. When our nest is empty, we are not lost. That is when we switch gears and let the good times roll!


Meagan, Caitlyn and I were all decked out for our dinner at one of Buckhead’s high-profile places. I had just come back from the men’s room where I checked myself out in the mirror. “Sometimes I think I look fat, and sometimes I think I’m a stud,” I announced as I sat down.
“That’s what I say,” Caitlyn said.
“About me?” I asked, flattered.
“No, about me,” she answered.
“So you think you’re a stud,” Meagan said, looking at Caitlyn.
“No, wait…” she said, thinking fast. “I can suck my nostrils in and make myself look like Michael Jackson.”

Today’s Rant

Once upon a time I thought Susan Sarandon was smoking hot. That was when I admired breasts over brains (thank goodness Jill has both!). Her anti-Bush anti-war rants in the last few years have caused me to see her in a less favorable light. Now that she is going to play Cindy Sheehan in a movie, I find her wholly undesirable.

And furthermore…

The jurors of the Bill Campbell trial were a pant load of idiots. Now there is a question of whether he can be made to serve his sentence because the jury did not complete a form correctly upon finding him guilty of tax evasion. These are the same people who did not comprehend the phrase “on or about.” These people are complete idiots. Campbell is a bright man. Obviously he did not get a trial by a jury of his peers. Throw the whole thing out, start over, and do it right this time! The man’s a crook!

Book Report

The little book that could keeps going, and going, and going…

“I am a father of four daughters. My oldest has been married for just over a year and they have a daughter.
My son-in-law is a hard working, loving young man. When I saw your book, ‘Why A Daughter Needs A Dad’ the title caught my attention. When I read it, I knew this was a book that I wanted in my family. I bought it for my son-in-law, but I think I really bought it for me. I'll just have to borrow it a lot. You have caught the essence of what my wife and I have lived for over 20 years as we have raised our daughters. Thank you for your insight and validating us on every page.”

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