Friday, March 24, 2006

Little bit of this and that

Crazy Train (of thought)

Finally, a new Lost episode. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought Sun was pretty hot in that little teddie.

I’m feeling philosophical today:

The unfortunate thing about being self-righteous is that you can’t see that you are.

Don’t be eaten up with jealousy. It’ll consume you.

Victory goes to the man who sleeps well and whose enemy stays awake thinking about him.

The terrible thing about regret is that it stays with you, haunts you like a bad smell, infiltrates like an infection, until you let go and move on. Those that don’t move on are destined to fester and reek.

Thy shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife, especially when you have your own to tend to.

Clean breaks heal faster. When one relationship is over, let it be over. In other words, you can’t be involved in a new relationship while you are attempting to hang on to another. Spending energy on an ex-love, be it hate, despite or regret, is hanging on. Let go.

Marital Bliss

To my wonderful wife goes my immeasurable gratitude for giving me a new life. She has helped me to be a better man than I have ever been before, she has healed me. She taught me to overcome my base instincts, to rise above the crippling animalistic impulses that drive most men, to ignore the trite, trivial and tempestuous, and to conduct myself with honor and dignity, to not make a fool of myself. It is because of her that I am finally able to step over rabid dogs rather than kick ‘em in the groin.


Jill and I have been planning to take the girls to Maui for our summer vacation this year. We have all talked about it for months, watched travel shows to learn where to stay, and read tourist books to find the best restaurants and adventures. The girls have been really pumped about it. Recently I have been digging into the details and have found that it will take 10 hours to fly non-stop to get there, 14 if we connect. That means two days of our seven day vacation is consumed by travel, and one other day is sure to be required after we get there to adjust to the many time zone changes. Jill and I have asked ourselves, is it worth this many thousands of dollars for what will really be a four day vacation? We decided to bring the girls into the conversation, both expecting lots of wailing of disappointment and begging to go and just deal with it. To our surprise, they almost simultaneously suggested we stay on the East Coast in order to have more time together doing something other than sitting on a plane. Our teenagers said having quality time together is more important than surfing in Hawaii! My blessings increase in abundance everyday.

Today’s Rant

Helen Thomas, you have earned your stripes, I am sure. But nothing you have done gives you a right or prerogative to interrupt the President or presume to know what he thinks and wants. If you are such a mind reader, read mine. Get a new wig. We all know you are nearly eighty.

Book Report

Sometimes when I see that sales of one of the books have dropped a bit, I get discouraged and wonder if anyone likes my work, if I should keep writing. Then, just when I need the encouragement, I get an email that simply blows me away…

“I bought a copy of "Why I Love You" for my fiancé, and I just want to tell you it changed my life. The night I was supposed to give it to her we ended up getting in a rather large fight, one that could have ended us. When I got home later that night I picked it up and read through it. I started to cry harder than I have cried in a really long time. I wasn’t sure if they were tears of joy or tears of sorrow. All I know is that after reading that book I knew I couldn’t lose her, there was no way I would just let her go. I was willing to do anything to keep that one-of-a-kind love, the one you find only once in life. I’m the same as you, I dive right in, go with my heart and ignore my head. My heart will make the choices that are best for me, they may not seem that way at first but they always turn out right. I just wanted to say thank you. Because of your book we are now happily married and about to add a new addition our family.”

Sorry, can’t say more, must go now. I have books to write.

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