Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A little dab will do ya

Crazy Train (of thought)

I hope to be independent for many, many years, but I also hope if I cannot drive more than 15 miles an hour or turn a corner in less than 20 minutes, my children will take my license away from me.

Emerging celebrity has its downside. I’m getting mail from people who want me to help them write their book – after they get out of prison or rehab. Yikes!

Why is it boxes of Girl Scout cookies are on every corner each and every time I am on a diet?

Men are very simple creatures to manipulate. Promise us more money, fame or sex, and we will do almost anything for you.

Marital Bliss

As I write this Jill is seated behind me at her desk, busy with her after school teacher duties. She doesn’t realize I can see over her shoulder, or that I can see what she’s doing. She’s multi-tasking, spending a little time preparing a test or teaching notes, a little time on a chat board where other women talk about the wonders of their dogs, and a little time shopping online for a new dress for, guess who, the dog. She’s been asking me to increase the clothing budget to accommodate Princess’ wardrobe. Wait a minute, now Jill is looking over my shoulder.

20 minutes later.

OK, I’m back. Jill just negotiated an increase in the clothing budget.


My neighbor, his friend, and I, had lunch together the other day. My neighbor and I have daughters, his friend, boys. His friend got caught checking out the waitress. My neighbor and I agreed that having daughters changed the way we looked at and thought about women. His friend asked why. My neighbor summed it up beautifully. He said, “When you have a son you only worry about one penis. When you have a daughter, you worry about all the penises.”

Today’s Rant

So, the guy in NC said he ran over the other students to avenge the manner in which the US is treating Muslims. Is there really a debate about whether this is a hate crime or an act of terrorism? Must we get shot first before we realize the guy with the gun in our face intends to hurt us?

Book Report

I received this in an email yesterday:

“I feel so blessed to have this girl in my life; I strive everyday to be a better father than the day before. Since she has entered our family, my wife and I sleep a lot less, but are way more content with our lives. We both loved your book. Sometimes it takes someone to point out the obvious for us to realize what we don’t see ourselves. Thank you very much for now being a part of our family.”

I read it to Meagan, and she cried along with me. It is so touching to see that the first book I wrote, the book about my daughter, is still touching fathers today, four years after it first hit shelves. A philosopher once said all men seek immortality, but when they realize they won’t live forever, they leave something to be remembered by. I am proud that at least for a while, my books serve as my mark, my evidence that I did something worthwhile in my lifetime.

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