Thursday, March 09, 2006

Running naked

Crazy Train (of thought)

No, I don’t want a cookie of muffin with my coffee. If I did, I would have ordered it.

More evidence of Spring: the joggers around here are wearing less and less.

The weight loss plan is back on track. It sucks trying to stay fit.

I meet with some photographers the other day. It was like a scene out of a western movie. Everyone boosted about their zoom lens, the old “My gun is bigger than your gun.” Voyeurs (I didn’t have the biggest gun).

Marital Bliss

Jill is getting a hair cut today. Why am I excited? Well, she never dries her hair, just combs it out and lets it dry. It is naturally curly, beautiful, but very curly, like Shirley Temple. When she gets it cut, the stylist dries it straight and it is then long and full, with a little bounce. She comes through the door looking like Katherine Hepburn. I’ve got candles and champagne ready! Now, how can I make myself look like Gregory Peck?


Linley is going on a cruise with her grandparents, Jill’s parents, during her Spring break. They are leaving this coming Saturday. We told Linley we would take her to dinner Friday night to spend some quality time with her before she goes; she gets to pick the restaurant. Of course she chose Chinese, her favorite. I responded only if we went somewhere new for a change. “Only if it isn’t an authentic place,” she said. Well, what would be the point in that?

Today’s Rant

Would you stop calling the USA a democracy! It isn’t! Don’t believe me? Let’s repeat the Pledge of Allegiance. “I pledge allegiance to the flag and the republic for which it stands…” A democracy is a system of majority rule. A republic is a system where citizens vote for representatives who then rule in accordance with law. Thank George, Ben, John Quincy, Thomas and all the rest that we are a republic.

Book Report

I got another letter, this time from a nine-year-old girl who says she and her mom have been having problems, until her mom bought the “Why a Daughter Needs a Mom” book, that is. She said they read it together and she then realized how much her mom does for her, so now she “is a lot nicer to her.” I love fan mail. When I am old and wondering if I accomplished anything with my life, I’ll read these letters again.

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