Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Teacher, teacher

Crazy Train (of thought)

The other day I saw a Hummer with those silly spinning hubcaps. Is it not ostentatious enough as is? What’s next, a lift kit?

Why is it that 85% of the time we hear about some nut shooting an innocent and unsuspecting stranger, the incident happened in Ohio?

Hey, Kohler guys. Do you really want to sell some showers? Stop having the couple fight to see who gets in first. Put ‘em in there together.

Marital Bliss

My dear wife is really getting into her new career as a school teacher. In fact, the role has begun to show in all aspects of her personality. For example, today before leaving for work she gave me a list of things she needed me to get for her. She didn’t just give me the list. She reviewed it with me, she held up her fingers to make sure I knew which item she was describing and how many of each she wanted, she demonstrated with her hands how each was to be used, and she gave me permission to call her if I had any questions. How did I get by without her?


Both girls are back in the house now, and once more our home is filled with love and laughter. Hugs and kisses everywhere, music playing all the time, dirty dishes in the sink, and a thousand “Will you take me…” questions, but Jill and I love it. As I’ve said, we enjoy our alone time, but nothing is better than having our angels within reach. To help us get through the week when the girls are elsewhere, I have covered a staircase wall with photographs I’ve taken of the girls. Meagan and Linley shopping on Rodeo Drive, both beaming in their maids of honor dresses at the wedding, Linley swimming underwater or sleeping in a hammock, Meagan driving or posing like a supermodel, all moments in time that we have spent together, moments we still talk about and will never forget. Moments that make us a family.

Today’s Rant

I was in Little Five Points this weekend taking photographs of the post-hippie urban life in Atlanta. There was this guy holding a sign about saving the homeless and asking passers-by to give money so he could start a shelter. As each pedestrian declined, he hurled insults at them, calling them apathetic, elitist, selfish and more. Later, when a homeless person approached him and asked for a dollar, he turned his back and walked away, carrying his sign. I’m sure his momma is proud of her little entrepreneur.

Book Report

Yes, Mr. Ima Critic, they are books. That’s why the BOOK buyers from Barnes and Noble BOOKsellers, Borders BOOKS, Walden BOOKS, Walmart, Babies R Us, Target, BOOKS are Fun, and thousands of independently owned BOOK stores, as well as Amazon.com, stock them; that’s why the New York Times and USAToday have had them on thier best selling BOOK list, and why over 11,000 online stores carry them in inventory. A manuscript doesn’t have to be about space ships or how to gut a deer with a can opener to be considered a book. Although, I suppose you are more likely to read it.

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