Friday, March 03, 2006

To me, it's all about "us".

Crazy Train (of thought)

Whatever happened to the expressions dad-gum-it and dad- blame-it?

The funniest thing about watching reality television is hearing the stuff people will say without realizing they will have to live with it later. Just the other day, after escaping a scary experience, some church lady said “I just crapped a big load of turds.” Nice, grandma.

Jill tells me of a news story she saw about a Chihuahua that was trained as a police dog. Yeah, that’ll keep criminals on the straight and narrow path.

Call me a cynic, but I think high school students who stage a walk-out are more interested in skipping class than making a valid political statement.

Marital Bliss

Jill and I recently overheard someone say “I’ve been a wife for x number of years, and a mother for x number of years, now it’s time to be me.” We looked at each other and simultaneously agreed that “being me” is being a spouse and a parent. There is nothing about our relationship with each other and our children that deprives us of personal fulfillment. Call me na├»ve, call me romantic, but I just didn’t get the “me” thing without the “us” thing.


When Meagan arrives for her stay at my house, it takes me at least two trips to get all her stuff into her room. This is a big deal to me because her room is on the third floor of a house with 12 foot ceilings. She packs for “just in case,” rather than only what’s necessary. Just this week she arrived with eight coats. It’s been in the high 60s all week and she attends a school that has a dress code, one that allows only the school coat to be worn on campus. Ohhh, my aching back.

Today’s Rant

It’s the weekend, and I am in the best mood. There is nothing to rant about. Enjoy your time off!

Book Report

I’m working on a book about best friends. Yesterday I was taking photos of more lovely women (I’m seeing a trend here) who are dear friends to one another. I had them sitting together on a couch toasting one another with Mimosas. I had a great time with them and took lots of photos, but when I got home I was disappointed to find that some of the shots were out of focus. Note to self – do not drink the props until the shoot is finished.

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