Thursday, March 30, 2006

Traffic advisory

Crazy Train (of thought)

Princess was doing so well; two weeks without hurling, until last night. David, sorry about the shoes, buddy.

Dude, don’t pull your car three feet into the line of traffic while you wait for an opening to enter the lane. If you can’t tell when your hood has exited the parking lot, you shouldn’t be driving!

Linley and I watch the Andy Milonakis Show together. So far, after three episodes, I’ve laughed only once at the show and a million times at Linley. She cracks me up.

I am convinced there is an inverse relationship between maturity level and how often adults use LOL and emoticons in their email.

Who said, “I resemble that remark!”?

Marital Bliss

One of the points I make in the book “Why I Love You” is that the simple things speak volumes when they are sincere and without ulterior motive. The other night I stopped what I was doing to ride with Jill to pick up Linley from the Cotillion dinner. She praised me for wanting to ride along, telling me she had spent so much time alone in the past. “It makes me feel good that you want to be with me,” she said. Then she kissed me with one of those full-body-wrap-around kind of kisses. I would have followed her around the world right then.


I was in Oakland Cemetery taking photos of statuary when I happened upon an elderly woman cleaning a grave. “Still giving the love,” I said. She stopped what she was doing and smiled. “Yes,” she said. I chatted with her, telling her of how my family has an annual tradition of cleaning the very old family plot in south Georgia. “I come once a month,” she said. A few minutes later, she got in her car and drove off. I walked to the grave she had been tending and read the marker. I discovered it was her daughter’s grave, that she had died twenty years ago, and that particular day was her birthday. I sat down and cried for a moment, and then pulled out my phone to call Meagan.

Today’s Rant

Only in Atlanta does a yellow traffic light mean “Floor it!” and a red light means “Quick, at least five more can squeeze through!” I’m seriously thinking about strapping old tires onto Meagan’s car for extra padding. May God be with the fool that drives like an idiot and causes an accident that hurts my girls.

Book Report

I love photography. As I’ve taken photos to illustrate my books, I’ve improved my skill and developed my own style. Now I have people asking me to pose for the books, and others wanting to hire me to take their own personal photographs. I’ll take that as a compliment! Although each book has several really great photos in it, I think “Why We Are a Family” and “Brothers and Sisters” are breakthrough books. Every photograph in them is a really good one. I enjoy looking at them, remembering the stories behind each one. One of the things I have enjoyed about writing and photography is getting to know my models. It is an honor to be entrusted with the family history and legacy, to be allowed to witness the moments that are shared between people who only moments ago were strangers to me.

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