Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Twice burned

Crazy Train (of thought)

Men who act out their aggression toward their ex through their children have enormous egos but small private parts and even smaller brains.

Teaching is the art of raising good questions and challenging students to think differently through considering hypothetical scenarios. It is not a license to stand on a soapbox and indoctrinate a captive audience.

Spring is coming. Ladies, if your child is still in diapers, keep ‘em out of the pool unless it is your own!

I have a cast iron stomach; I like my food spicy HOT HOT HOT. I had Korean for lunch and Ethiopian for dinner yesterday, and am looking forward to Thai for lunch today. If only my rectum was as tough as my gut.

Marital Bliss

I was taking photos of a friend of mine who had invited a few of her other friends to pose with her. As she introduced me she said, “he cooks, he takes care of the kids, and he worships his wife.” Yes I do. I worship my wife. She has given me so much to be happy about. I am truly blessed to have a woman in my life who cares for me like Jill does. I feel her love everyday. I was highly complemented that someone else sees how much I love my wife. I want it to be obvious to all. I want Jill to move through her day with the knowledge that I can’t wait for her to come home to me.


Meagan and I are in conversation about purchasing her first car. We are looking at small SUVs and she was asking me to explain 4-wheel drive and whether it is necessary for her. After some technical explanation, she summed it up with “I guess it depends on whether I want to go redneckin’ or just city-slickin’.

Today’s Rant

I’ve raised Meagan to speak her mind, but always with respectful tact. I think I am in the minority with that value. I see so many kids and teens today who have no respect or deference to others, particularly elders and public servants. We are raising a bunch of Churls in America. Maybe we should go back to the time when an adult could grab a kid by the ear and get the message across rather than get child protective services in their business.

Book Report

Once in a while I get fan mail the old fashioned way, delivered by the post office. These mean a lot to me because it suggests someone went to the trouble to locate my address, write the letter, and get it delivered. I got such a correspondence yesterday from a 23 year-old dad. It seems he has had some bad luck, taken a few missteps, and is now in rehab for drug addiction. He has a child less than a year old, one he didn’t think much of or make a priority in his life, until someone sent him my book, “Why a Daughter Needs a Dad.” He writes that he now has a new vision for his life, a mission to guide him, a drive to get sober and attend to his daughter. He included a photo of his child with the letter. It had pin holes in the corners, making me think it was his photo that until this letter, had hung on a bulletin board for all to see. I can’t tell you how much I now prize that photograph, knowing that a father somewhere now wants to be a better dad to his child, and has committed himself to that goal in his letter to me. He has a beautiful child, and I pray for him as he stands up to his challenges, for her.

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