Monday, March 20, 2006

The Warden

Crazy Train (of thought)

Where else can you hear a life story in 4.5 minutes but in country music? Don’t believe me? Listen to Tim McGraw’s “Red Ragtop.” When you’re done crying, you’ll love the stuff from then on. Hey, Tim, call me. I’ve got some lyrics for ya.

Sometimes you do things for your kids and later wonder if they’ll remember it. I took Meagan to see June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash about 5 years ago. At the time, when she was not interested in country music, she didn’t really appreciate who she was watching. Now she talks about how glad she is to have seen them before they died. It’s nice when time is on your side.

Driving home from dinner I looked over at Meagan and she was sniffing her loafers. Huh?

Here’s a change of pace – the Hispanic laborers cleaning off my neighbor’s hillside are listening to Elvis singing gospel hymns. The dude was talented!

Marital Bliss

My sweetie came home this weekend. I was so glad to hear her car coming in the garage, I had to go outside and greet her. I’m sure the kids are embarrassed that I had to kiss her before she could even get out of her seat, but love knows no limits, and in this case, had no patience. I needed some sugar, having been without it for four days. I am addicted to my wife, and I don’t need no curin’.


I once told a guy with a little too much testosterone who was eyeing my daughter that I could leg press 700 pounds, quite enough to stomp the brains right out of his head if he tried anything. He didn’t. Since then I am known in Meagan’s circle as The Warden. I like it.

Today’s Rant

Rioting in the streets in France again. Idiots. Listen you Frenchie-wimpy people, the world economy is changing. Nowhere else can you expect to keep a job for two years with no risk of being fired. Get competitive or slip even further into insignificance. China and India are overtaking you. Oh, and your cars suck!

Book Report

I watched the American Inventor with great interest. Some were complete nuts; others were smart and passionate about what they had created. I understand the latter, they reminded me of me when I was trying to become published. I was rejected 62 times before a publisher wanted my first book, and now my life has changed in ways I only daydreamed about but never believed would happen. So my word of encouragement: Don’t give up if you believe.

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Caitlyn said...

Well I am glad to know that I am not even mention in this blog! i mean gee. From all my really cool comments. When I asked if I could do you for my photography project. I mean basically I am like your second daughter, so keep people posted on me.