Thursday, April 20, 2006

Her agenda is fine with me

Crazy Train (of thought)

He who won’t answer a direct question must be hiding something, or avoiding something worse.

Go Sonny, go! I’m voting for you again!

Sometimes when your kids think you are just a dork, you have to pull out the big guns. Linley laughed at the idea that some people think I’m a celebrity, until I pulled out the letter I received from VP Dick Cheney. He likes my books, too.

Tom Cruise is the best example, or at least second-best, of what can happen if you let your self-image go to your head.

I’m signing books at the largest book convention in the country in a few weeks. I just got a list of other authors/celebrities who will be there – Steven Baldwin, Dave Barry, Angela Basset, Duke the Bush Beans dog, Mary Cheney, Heather Graham, George McGovern, Alan Thicke, Meg Tilly, and more. Last year I got to hug up with Rachael Ray from the Food Network. Who shall I pick this year?

Marital Bliss

During the weeks that Jill and I do not have the kids, we do things we can’t do when we are making sure homework gets done and generally keeping the girls out of trouble. This morning as I was making her breakfast I was thinking about our evening. I thought we would put the top down on the hottie-mobile and take a drive into the GA mountain foothills, stopping somewhere for a country dinner, then come home for a glass of wine on the porch and visit with our neighbors. “Guess what’s on the agenda tonight,” I said as she came into the kitchen. “Wild sex?” she asked. Ummm, yes, darling, let’s go with your plan!


Meagan is attending her first prom dance in a few weeks. Jill and I were invited to dinner by the parents of her date. When I told Meagan this, her eyes rolled and I thought she was going to faint. For the next 15 minutes I got a list of permitted topics of conversation and one of prohibited stories with warnings of the great pain that would be inflicted upon me, if I even hinted to telling about the time she got stuck ..., or that stuff that came out of..., or when you used to... Just kidding baby! I promised not to embarrass you! I’ll just talk about me, like that time I went streaking in college and forgot my dorm key – oh, never mind!

Today’s Rant

I heard some woman on the radio talking about how she believes no one should be paid millions of dollars in salary. She has no explanation for her position other than she just thinks “it’s not right.” In other words, because she can’t earn it, no one else should be allowed to, either. Hey, the beauty of America is you can be paid a portion of the value you create.

Book Report

Another reader email I just received:

“I purchased your book "Why I Love You" and just had to tell you that when I read the "To Jill" page that it read just what is in my heart about my fiancé. The words say so much about my love for her that I could not resist it. I too am one of those who dive in head first and let my heart guide me and help me through. I met my fiancé a little over a year ago and fell in love with her almost immediately. We are engaged to be married this fall. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the book; it is like reading from my own heart.”

I’m so glad so many others believe in love on first sight. What’s love if it isn’t intense, irrepressible, urgent and all-in? Are you in love? I hope so; it sure makes your days more meaningful and fulfilled.

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Debbie Bayley said...

Greg: I just wanted to let you know I just love reading your blogs. Everything you say means even more, since I've met you and Jill and feel like I know the girls. You always bring a smile to my face...which I need around the office, since I work with a bunch of testerone morons!!!