Friday, April 14, 2006

I saw Elvis

Crazy Train (of thought)

Of all the fashion looks that have made their way into the culture in the last ten years, the muffin top is the one I could have gone without.

He who sees himself in everything, thinks too much of himself.

Advice for the girls: Never marry a man who can’t say the word “dear” without going into a trance thinking about hunting season.

This country has gone overboard in its zeal not to offend anyone. We are not a homogeneous society, never will be, and shouldn’t be. Why have a first amendment if you can’t say what you think without first having to censor and edit yourself for the sake of being politically correct?

Why is it that 8 of 10 times a “bishop” is interviewed on television, it is a black minister wearing an Elvis outfit?

Marital Bliss

I had a long, hard day yesterday, one filled with errands, money and tax matters, dealing with vendors not living up to their obligations, one crashed computer and a deadline that once was three weeks away but suddenly turned into an ASAP. My wife, perceptive sweet thing that she is, brought me a glass of wine and a small plate of snacks as I sat down to finally relax at 9:00 last night. She then sat beside me, rubbed my shoulders and whispered something sweet in my ear. I live in heaven on earth, I tell you, heaven on earth.


Meagan turns sixteen this weekend. I’m happy for her to reach this landmark, and scared to death at the same time. I’ve spent untold hundreds of hours teaching her to drive. She is safer than most I think, cautious and always thinking ahead. But who knows how safe the other driver is, whether they are using good judgment or not, if they will try to beat the red light or pass on a curve? I’ll be saying my prayers now more frequently and fervently than ever before. Dear Lord, please put an angel in the car with her.

Today’s Rant

You laughed at the bishop remark, didn’t you? See what I mean? It’s so much more satisfying to say Rep. Cynthia McKinney has her head up her arse than to say she sees the world from a different point of view, isn’t it?

Book Report

Another email I received from a reader …

“I am a college student and my parents recently gave me your book. I was adopted from South Korea when I was six months old. I am now nineteen. Currently I am writing a persuasive speech on adoption and I will be using quotes from your book. I am emailing you to simply thank you. That book is so inspiring and hopeful. My parents and I absolutely love it and the pictures are fantastic. They truly capture some of the great moments of raising a child.”

I do admire those that adopt, who give from their hearts, beginning with the decision to offer a home to a child who has none.

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