Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kid Care

Crazy Train (of thought)

A sign you have a good man – he opens doors for you.

A sign you have a good woman – she always says “thank you” for opening the door.

I love this statement: You can get happy in the pants you got mad in.

You know, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you think of yourself or anyone else. God’s opinion is the only one that counts. Let’s hope me/you and Him aren’t too far apart when the ultimate reality check takes place.

Diet update: It’s working. My shorts keep falling.

What is the real measure of a man? Is it how much money he makes, how much bravado he puts forth, how many animal heads he has on the wall, or is it how well he masters himself and rises above the base instincts that align him more closely with a beast?

One of the sweet things about waking up each morning is realizing I have another day with my wife and family.

Out of sight isn’t also out of heart and mind, unless you’re just one of those kind of people.

Marital Bliss

I’m putting finishing touches on a new book called “Simple Acts.” It’s about finding happiness in little everyday acts, not big expensive productions that are more about showing off than creating good feelings for someone. Things like this email I just got from Jill, “I love being your wife. You are such a wonderful man! XOXOXOXOXO” Because of that short email I’ll be happy all day, into the night and probably still in the morning when I get to see her get ready for the day, all the way up to when I walk her out to her car and kiss her goodbye before she leaves for work. That’s when she will tell me this again, and the whole cycle will start anew. It is heaven, I tell you, heaven!


Do you stop and wonder what kind of home produced the kind of child who would one day plan a Columbine-like massacre? Did those children suffer abuse, alienation, intimidation, neglect? Were they made to live without understanding, compassion or affection? Were they told to choose – respect the father or the mother, but not both? What are you teaching your child? Are you providing nurture and guidance while at the same time allowing your child to be who they are, not who you demand they be? Who knows, maybe these children came from wonderful homes with loving parents, maybe it was all the fault of substance abuse or violent television. I don’t know; I’m no criminal psychologist. But I’d bet if you aren’t hugging your child enough, if you aren’t putting their needs above your own, if you aren’t talking to them more than you scold or punish them, you are leaving a wound that will one day turn to anger - and all rage begins with anger. If you have wounded your child, take steps to heal that wound. Do it today.

Book Report

Some of you know I am attempting to expand my writing career by becoming a novelist. I have two novels being shown around in NYC at the moment; no sales yet, although things are going in the right direction. I hope it works out; I have so many stories to tell. Have you seen the commercial with M. Night Shyamalan watching everyone around him in a cafe, creating characters in his mind on the spot? It’s true what they say, art imitates life, and I’ve led a full and interesting life, one with many unique people coming across my path that make rich fodder for fictional characters.

The fun thing about creating characters is thinking back to the high school teacher with the bad toupee, the crusty old store merchant who turns out to be a guardian angel, the older woman I had a crush on, the little twerp or arrogant bully who annoyed me, the Walking Lady, the Flasher, the Dog Lady and the Goat Man. And then there are events, too, that inspire scenes - your first kiss, when you lost your virginity, how you found God, when you realized you weren’t all that, when you discovered someone really loved you, hanging out with hippies, skinny dipping and getting caught, the guilt or pain you still feel from events of years ago, the death of someone you thought you couldn’t live without. It’s true - in the imagination of an artist, film maker or writer, everything is material.

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