Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Crazy Train (of thought)

I got busted. I lectured everyone about not leaving trash in the Porsche and threatened banning their ridership if they messed it up. Guess who left the first bit of trash in the car? Dang! I hate the taste of crow!

Jill and I have made sure we networked well in our neighborhood – we now know almost everyone. We live in a large town where many people just mind their own business, yet we are fortunate enough to see people we’ve met and get “Hello” called out to us all the time. It’s like there is a little bit of Mayberry in Atlanta.

Linley and I went shopping after school yesterday and someone in a store mistook her for a model. I tried to claim they were talking about me, but she didn’t buy it.

Meagan made it to school safely! I woke in a terror thinking of her on the interstate alone for the first time, but it was unnecessary. All those years of practice are paying off, let’s hope.

My agent asked me to come to NY. I hope there is good news on the way!

When I see an able person park in a handicap space, I just want to smack ‘em in the head.

Marital Bliss

Keep in mind Jill and I have been married fifteen months-four days (it’s easy for me to do the math – I proudly wear a tattoo of a heart with our anniversary date across it). I point this out to give meaning to the following: we attended a BBQ Sunday afternoon at one of the neighbors and were introduced as the “newlyweds” to a few other neighbors we had not yet met. When I explained we were in our second year, someone told us we do indeed look like newlyweds. Perhaps that’s because everyday I am glad I married her, grateful she picked me, irreversibly attached to her, and insatiably hungry for her affection. And blessed too, because she tells me everyday she feels the same way for me. Someone wrote to me recently and said they can feel my love for Jill in the book “Why I Love You,” and its message gave her hope for a true love in her life one day. I wrote back:
“One day you will meet the man who is right for you. He will come. I know, because when I least expected it, my Jill came to me and gave me a new life. A new life is coming for you, too. All you have to do is wait for it. Wait patiently, not anxiously, not too eagerly, just patiently. When he arrives, there will be no doubt who he is, because he will be the gift God wanted to give to you, and you the gift he wanted to give to that fortunate man. I know this to be true; I deserved no one, but got the best. You will too.”

Why am I telling you this? Just to lead up to an important question – Does the person you love know just how much you love him/her? You know what to do. Do it, right now, don’t waste a minute. You never know how many more chances you have to tell someone what they want to hear.


I have been taking Meagan to school since she was 6-weeks old. This week marks the end of a tradition as she begins driving herself to school – no more chitty-chat in the car, negotiating how many times she got to hit repeat on the CD player, watching her fix her face as we drove the last mile to school. Of course now there will be no more Cheerios in the floorboard, straws on the dash or eyeliner pencil shavings in the seat. I’m going to miss those things. But I still take Linley in the mornings so for a while longer I get to enjoy chocolate syrup in the carpet, power bar wrappers stuffed under the seat, and the smell of blueberry bubblegum lip gloss. Kids – gotta love ‘em!

Book Report

Sometimes I just get a simple “thank you for writing this book,” and then sometimes I get a little story that just warms your heart. I got this one from someone recently – it’s a keeper:

“I can tell my children I love them over and over, but putting it to written words; something they can pull out and re-read again and again, even after I'm gone is priceless. Thank you for writing a book that puts to words the sometimes difficult things to say to your child. Not because they are hard things to say, but because it is sometimes awkward to pour your soul out like that. I don't think we can ever tell the people we love that we love them too often. Your books are a beautiful addition to all the big and little ways I try to let my children know they are the best part of my life.”

Thank you for your sweet compliment!

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