Monday, April 10, 2006

Peas in a pod

Crazy Train (of thought)

I’m back! Thanks so much for returning to my blog. I enjoyed my time off but am now back at work. I hope something here interests you, or makes you smile. If it makes you mad, well, that’s your issue. I’m sure you’ll get over it.

Then again, some people don’t get over anything, do they?

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Is that true for Amsterdam, too?

There comes a time when you have to stop blaming your momma for everything, don’t you think?

Only in America can people who are breaking the law receive a permit to stage a parade protesting the enforcement of the laws they are breaking.

Shouldn’t the automated messages say, “If you’d like to hear this message in Spanish, press uno,”?

Marital Bliss

Seven days in a car together, road tripping over 2100 miles, a new hotel every night, eventually going over budget. A situation fertile for an argument, maybe several. Yet none occurred, not one. Instead, we talked, laughed again and again, slept tightly smushed together, enjoyed lots of romance, had plenty of fun and ate too much. We didn’t do anything the other wasn’t interested in - I didn’t go fishing while she went shopping. This is what marriage is about, this is what best friendship looks like, and this is what true love really is. We’re like peas in a pod.


I had to rise at 3:30 AM last Saturday to get Meagan to the airport. She was leaving on her second mission trip, this time to spend her Spring Break working in an orphanage in Mexico. I was not too thrilled about getting out of bed so early, driving 90 miles roundtrip, finding only bad coffee to help rouse me awake, or missing the Saturday morning routine of reading the paper with Jill. But, the compassion on my child’s face as she lifted the new toys and clothes from the trunk she was taking to the children, the confidence in her manner as she navigated the airport headed for her flight, and the “thank you for making this happen for me” farewell I received, made it all worthwhile.

Today’s Rant

I haven’t read the paper or watched the news since beginning the Spring vacation last Monday morning. When we got home last night I was way too tired to look for something to rant about, and nothing that occurred during the vacation got under my skin. It is great having a life filled with love and fun such that I’d have to do research to find something to get hacked off about.

Book Report

An excerpt from a blog I read today:

“Like most days, I had lunch with Wayne today. However, today was different because he got me a gift. It was a really sweet book titled "Why I Love You" by Gregory Lang. Listed within the book are 100 reasons why a person would love their significant other. Wayne wrote something very sweet in the front of the book, but what made this book special to me was he went the extra mile and literally went through the whole thing, page by page, and highlighted the reasons why he loved me, even adding a few reasons of his own.”

Nothing like actual testimonials from satisfied customers!

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