Thursday, April 13, 2006

Smile on my face

Crazy Train (of thought)

Why do the hottest models and actresses marry the ugliest rock stars?

Dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time: “Just because someone is an illegal doesn’t make them a criminal.” Huh?

The guy at GNC shouldn’t be singing the praises of a memory aid if he can’t remember that he has already tried to sell it to me three times.

Some things are so obvious, even an idiot should know better. If you’re married, don’t take a girlfriend. If you do, don’t be flaunting her around in front of your wife. If you do, you deserve what you get, or lose, as the case may be.

Why do the girls make fun of my “compulsive” organization? I’m the one who is always first to be ready to go while they are still running around looking for phones, purses, shoes and other girlie doodads.

I’d never heard of Ted Hayes until yesterday, when he was interviewed on Fox News. I’ll listen for more of him in the future. Smart, articulate, reasoned, and compassionate. I like him.

Marital Bliss

While in Savannah Jill and I met two best friends, Debbie and Kathy. They have known each other for 35 years, claiming to have spoken to each other almost everyday in all that time. Somehow these three women got on the subject of comparing their husbands to one another. One said, “Mine brings me coffee every morning while I’m in the shower,” and the other said “My husband and I haven’t had a fight in 21 years.” While I was in the kitchen talking with the chef I overheard Jill chime in and brag a little about me. It was fun to listen to, realizing my wife really does recognize the things I do for her, and even tells others about how well she thinks she is treated. She is my queen and I love to wait on her. Of course, the rewards are awesome. Kathy knows; she said she can tell from the smile on my face that I like what my wife has to give me. Yeah, baby, I do!


Meagan and her friends Sara & Lauren pranced into the house yesterday, calling out for me to visit with them. I’ve known some of these girlfriends since they were five years old. I love having the chance to chat with them, to see them grow up, to feel like they enjoy my company. A few have come to me for help, and that, too, is a sweet place to be. I’d rather be the parent that can be trusted than the one feared or avoided. With trust comes information, and information, my friends, is what you need to keep tabs on your kids. What you don’t know won’t hurt you? Oh hell yes it will. It’ll break your heart. Part of parenting is practicing judicious investigation. A child not watched is a child headed for trouble.

Today’s Rant

If you are irresponsible enough to give your eight-year-old a mini-bike, at least try to have the good sense to disable it when you can’t be there to supervise them riding it in the streets. And get ‘em a helmet! I’ll do my best to watch out for them, but if they suddenly dart out of your driveway in front of me again and that time I fail to see them, well that’s on you.

Book Report

Here’s an email I recently received:

“Today I reached up and took down your book ‘Why a Daughter Needs a Dad’ from the shelf above my desk. I was thinking of my daughter and wanted to read what she had written in it before giving it to me. She gave it to me for Father's Day in 2003, and on many of the pages under your writings she had made her own note. On one page it says, ‘A Daughter Needs A Dad to be the safe spot she can always turn to,’ and she wrote ‘Thanks for always being there! Love, Me.’ She turned 29 last year, all grown-up, but she will always be my little girl, as Meagan Katherine will be yours. Don’t worry, the teen years pass and you will get those kisses again in public.”

It’s great knowing that my first book holds a special place in the hearts of fathers everywhere. And yes, sir, you are correct. I’m getting those kisses again. Others told me things will begin to change around age 16, and thank goodness, they have. I love my little girl!

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