Monday, April 17, 2006

Sweet Inspiration

Crazy Train (of thought)

While watching a TV show about pets that have been trained to aid their disabled owners, Jill turned to me and said in all seriousness, “If anything ever happened to you, I’ll train Princess to take care of you.” No thanks sweetie, I’d rather be left for dead.

Use scripture to manage yourself, not others. The Bible is the ultimate self-improvement book.

You can always tell when someone is overcompensating for something, can’t you.

When in Key West I took lots of candid photos of folks on the street. Jill was always with me, helping me as needed to find a good shot or to hold gear. Now that I’ve looked at the photos, I have found a half-dozen where it is so obvious men on the street were checking out my wife! Told you she is a doll.

While chit-chatting with my banker I heard stories of people getting robbed by handing their account numbers over to complete strangers who sold them a get rich quick scheme. It’s amazing what some people will fall for.

Has anybody heard from Bo Bice? Didn’t think so.

Marital Bliss

I got an email from someone who bought my book “Why I Love You,” the one I wrote for Jill soon after we started dating. I get lots of email about it; it has been used by men in their proposals, given on anniversaries, sent to soldiers overseas, etc. I love it that so many people feel as deeply for their mate as I do and use my book as a symbol of that love and affection. The irony is that that book almost didn’t get written. I had a contract for it and was trying to get inspired to do it, but I was alone at the time and just didn’t feel the juice to write it. I believed I would miss the deadline and my editor even asked me how I was going to write such a book given my lack of a relationship. Sometimes sweet blessing just rain down on you when you need them. About this time is when I met Jill and she changed everything. My heart burst with love and happiness and words easily flowed from me. The book is dedicated to her, and is about her. She made it happen. She was and is my inspiration; I want nothing more than to please my wife.


Friday night I had dinner with my wife, my ex, and 14 teenage girls. It’s great that Meagan’s mom and I can share events in our daughter’s life without having conflict. It makes situations so much better that we focus on the child and not our old issues of ten years ago. Jill and Becky talked non-stop, leaving me with the sweet sixteeners. As I watched Meagan open presents from her friends, she received a gift from Linley, her step-sister. It was underwear and pajamas from Victoria’s Secret. To my surprise they both put underwear on their heads right there in the restaurant and posed for pictures. I’d post one of those photos if I thought I could get away with it. Perhaps save it for blackmail material? Yes, to show my future son-in-law one day.

Today’s Rant

I love it when I can’t think of anything to rant about. After all, I’m really not a curmudgeon.

Book Report

I send my publicist copies of the more poignant emails I get from readers, hoping she can use them to build the story about my books. I recently sent this one:

“My son came home from college to spend a couple days with me, and brought me a book as a gift. It means more to me than anything else that could have been given. The gift was your book, ‘Why a Son Needs a Mom.’ I read it this morning and sat and reminisced about his childhood---the times as a single parent that I didn’t have the means to give him much, but was there to spend time with him, sharing thoughts, fun, and most of all, my love. I have cried and laughed reading your book. You will never know just how much it means to me. My son is a man now, but he will always be my little boy.”

After reading it she asked me how it feels to know that my books are touching so many people’s lives. I’ve thought a lot about that question since. I’m happy and proud of how people have embraced my books, but mostly I’m humbled and relieved by it. I have not always led a life I am proud of, and I have spent many days worried for my soul. Call it a rationalization if you must, but I find solace in these kind of emails, because to me they represent an acknowledgement of forgiveness and reparation for the injuries in others I am responsible for.

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