Monday, May 22, 2006

All aboard!

Crazy Train (of thought)

The book show was a success! I signed over 600 books and made good progress toward securing a few more book contracts. I also got to see the cover art for my two new books coming out this Fall. Exciting!

A sure sign you’re talking to an ego-maniac: They answer your questions about themselves, but won’t ask you any about you.

As Jill and I were hiking up a mountain trail yesterday, we passed three young girls sitting to the side on some rocks, trying to catch their breath, smoking cigarettes. Jill and I went on to the top where we then climbed 425 steps (about 35 stories) to an observation platform in less than 15 minutes. We don’t smoke.

If your momma told you to change your ways, shouldn’t you?

Why is the media on the one hand outraged we are in Iraq, and on the other hand, outraged we aren’t in Durfur?

I received the saddest email from someone who wanted to tell me her daddy was nothing like the dads I describe in the daughter/dad book. It seems he was a drunk and never around when she was young, but now expects her to treat him like he is royalty, just because he was there when she was created. It takes a whole lot more than that to be a father, sir.

Marital Bliss

Separated two nights and days, Jill and I were eager to see each other. I called her three times on the way home from the airport. She was waiting for when I pulled into the garage, standing in the door wearing a little something I bought for her. She had a glass of wine ready, the lights on dim, jazz playing in the background. We sat on the sofa, her legs stretched across my lap, and talked for a half-hour, kissing between sentences. The rest, well that’s private. I will say this, though - I am a very happily married man.


The girls begin the return to our home today; we love it but we have to prepare for it. This morning Jill and I savored the quiet, the lack of chaos, the flexibility we enjoy when it is just the two of us. Then we got the calendar out, wrote down all the things each girl has on her schedule, and then our agenda. There were only a few open spaces left, and we are sure they will be filled by Tuesday night when the girls tell us of something else they want to do. It’s like the slow rumble of a freight train. We hear it coming, and when it arrives, it will be deafening.

Book Report

I was too busy to mingle much at the book show, so only saw three celebrities – a vintage game show host whose name I can’t remember right now, Courtney Hansen of Overhaulin’ fame, and Steven Baldwin. Steven was in the greenroom with me but was surrounded by his posse so I didn’t have the chance to say hello, and Courtney shared the autographing space with me. Of course all the guys were salivating over her. And then there was me, which brings me to…

Someone ran up to me screaming “It’s you!” She wanted a book autographed, had her friend take a picture of us together, then she read my name badge. She thought I was someone else. I wonder if she kept the picture.

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