Monday, May 08, 2006

Angel in the passenger seat

Crazy Train (of thought)

It is late Sunday night, it has been a busy weekend, and I am tired, too tired to write something original. So instead I’m including a few excerpts from emails to give you something to read today, and I promise to be more in the game tomorrow…

Just when I was wondering if anyone likes my blog, I get this email: “I have to stop reading your blog at work; it brings me to tears so often. Everyone coming into my office thinks something is wrong, but the tears are because of something poignant you have written. You cause me to pause every time and contemplate the thoughts you have put into my head.”

And then this one: “In the months ahead I will reach the pivotal moment in my life of walking down the aisle with my much loved daughter on her wedding day. I have feared I would not find the right words to express my loving sentiments to her as we celebrate this special day. Then I came across your wonderful book, Why a Daughter Needs a Dad. Your gift to me will be my gift to her. Thanks for capturing so well the joy and satisfaction I have felt in doing the most important job I have ever been called to do, being the father of two daughters.” It pleases me so much when I hear other men confess their unabashed affection for their children.

Marital Bliss

Jill and I were returning from the gym yesterday mid-afternoon when she looked at me and said, “It has been too long since we visited your parents. Let’s go take them to dinner.” Not only was she initiating a visit with her in-laws, she was suggesting we go on an unplanned trip that would mean driving two hours each way. We went, my parents were delighted, we chatted about our future on the way back, and I counted yet another reason why I believe I have married the most wonderful woman in the world. She’s beautiful and sexy, too; icing on the cake!


I asked you to say a prayer with me for Meagan’s safety as she began driving alone three weeks ago. Clearly some of you have, and an angel was indeed with her Friday night. I won’t go into details because they make me cringe, but she had a little single-car event that left her with two blown out tires and a stomach full of fear. How she maintained control of the car, I don’t know. Why it didn’t flip over, I can’t understand. Was there an angel with her? No one saw it, but nothing else explains how she escaped without a scratch. I’m sure she will be more careful and attentive when she is behind the wheel now, and I pray again a heavenly passenger will be right there with her. Thank you, Lord.

Book Report

I always believed the heart knows nothing nor cares anything about genetics:

“I just wanted to comment on how wonderful I think your book is! My husband recently bought a copy (Why a Daughter Needs a Dad) for his daughter, my stepdaughter. My husband is not her biological father, but he has raised her from birth and is her Dad in every sense of the word. I liked the book so well that I made him go back and get another copy for me to give to my father.”

Did you get that? A wife who admires her husband for loving a child that is not his nor hers, yet the three of them make a loving family. That’s a picture worth ten-thousand words.

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