Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bruised but not broken

Crazy Train (of thought)

Short and sweet today – was an out of control day yesterday and didn’t have much time to write. Jill was in an accident (not her fault, she’s fine, car is a mess) and as you can guess, it was both frightening and time consuming. I’m not sure how much I’ll get to post tomorrow as I plan to spend much of my time on the phone today taking care of insurance, car rental, accident reports, etc. I’ll write what I can, and thanks for your patience and understanding.

Marital Bliss

When I got the call from Jill I dropped everything and raced to the scene, on the phone all the way taking care of what needed to be done. I arrived just as the wrecker was loading the Porsche; it was an ugly mess. I also found the trucker who caused the accident and we exchanged a few words, then I called the trucking company. Let’s just say we reached an understanding and Jill is going to be happy with another new car soon. When we got home I got lots of hugs and thanks and compliments for being her knight in shining armor. You are welcome hon’, but isn’t that the way a good husband is supposed to act? Only a jerk would leave you to handle matters by yourself.


Linley was too funny in the middle of all this, telling me if her momma was hurt, she was going to jump out of the Rover with me to slap the trucker right up side the head. Yo, girl, maybe U R gangsta!

Book Report

I got a phone call yesterday (just before Jill called with her bad news) that could greatly change the landscape for my books. So as not to jinx it, I’ll wait until the details are ironed out before making an announcement, but be forewarned, it’s BIG! Stay tuned, the news could break as early as tomorrow.

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