Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday freestyle

Crazy Train (of thought)

I got this sweet note yesterday – “I just want to tell you how much I love reading your blog everyday!!! Thank you for touching my life and giving me inspiration everyday!!” You know what, hon’? It’s my sincere pleasure.

Does the love of your spouse sometimes reduce you to tears of joy? I hope so. It’d be something else we have in common.

Don’t you think if the Hispanic advocates wanted favor with legitimate US citizens, they might think about not referring to us as “you people”?

I’ve had sushi for lunch three times this week. Pretty soon I’ll be able to breath underwater.

I’ve spoken to one of my neighbors four times on the phone and once on the front porch this week. She gave Jill and me a key to her house so we could take in her mail when she is out of town, or so we can raid her wine cellar on Sundays if our inventory comes up short. I told you we live in Mayberry.

I’m moving my business from one bank to another after an event that completely hacked me off. As I sat in the manager’s office listening to her call my new bank to verify a few things, I asked her to tell Courtney, the manager of the new bank, hello for me (I recognized her voice). A little customer service goes a long way, and a little bad customer service will get talked about even longer. Might even show up in the plot of a novel one day.

Marital Bliss

One of the great things about Jill is she is confident in me and trusts me. So much so that she is okay with me spending time with friends of mine I had before she and I met. Thus I was able to have lunch yesterday with someone I have not seen in five years, a woman I once worked with who became a good friend before our paths diverged as we pursued other careers. I know that trust is a gift, I can’t expect it or demand it, I must be worthy of it. I do not want my wife’s heart to ache with hurt and suspicion because I acted in an untrustworthy manner, so I behave like a good husband should. I tell her where I’m going and with whom, answer any and all questions, and never stay longer than I estimated. Like my grandma once told me, “Do nothing to invite suspicion and suspicion won’t follow you around.” You can quote that if you wish.


Meagan’s cat of 12 years died yesterday. I’m no cat lover, but I couldn’t help but grieve with her when she called me in tears to tell me about it. I wish she were here so I could’ve wrapped my arms around her.

Book Report

Most of the fan mail I get sounds something like this:

“I've spent the last few weeks with my father. He still takes care of me and it still feels good. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there is someone who gives me so much so unselfishly. He does things to make my life easier and to make me happier without any thought of secondary gain. It's wonderful to be a daughter.”

These sort of notes make me happy. They give me hope that as the years go by, Meagan and Linley’s assessment of me will be more balanced as they mature, that they will no longer think I am square, uncool, out of fashion and other such shortcomings that are of concern to youth.

The very, very few negative emails I receive or comments I find on the web sadden me. Not because a woman does not like my Daughter/Dad book, but because some daughter has not had the love of a father in her life, and that absence left a permanent scar. I’m confident that if you’ve ever met a woman who believes a child doesn’t need a daddy, you’ve met a woman who was not held in her daddy’s lap, who was not tucked in with his goodnight kiss, who suffered some physical or emotional abuse at his hand. Let’s hope that the rest of us out there will have the courage to challenge these men, and if necessary, to kick his ass, to make him be the father he should be. To make sure there is one less child with a broken heart.

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