Thursday, May 04, 2006

Golden Key

Crazy Train (of thought)

Who do you think is more likely to be a Biblical scholar, the guy that read the Bible once or the one who reads it everyday?

The silver key to success is spending enough time on the things you can get paid for rather than the things that you like to do. The golden key to success is figuring out how to get paid for what you like to do.

I found an ATM card hanging out of a cash machine and turned it in to a bank teller. I thought it interesting she was so impressed that I did so. Have we gotten to the point where we expect dishonesty and are surprised when someone does the right thing?

Where is the truth, in the details, or in the moral?

Marital Bliss

Last evening Jill and I invited a neighbor to relax on the front porch with us and watch the sun go down. We shared a bottle of wine and chatted about this and that, exchanging news (ok, gossiping) about others in the ‘hood. To make sure we know who each is talking about, we have given each household a name – there’s the Party House, Rapper House, Football House, Dog House, Disco House, Mystery House, and among others, ours, the Newlywed House. I think it is an appropriate name. Oh, and the prevailing rumor about Jill and I – when the kids are away, the parents are at play! You know, I am 46 years old, I have a few miles behind me and I have learned a few things. One of those things is this – it is better to be transparent in your enthusiasm for your mate than reserved about it. The general public may disagree, but at the end of the day, do you want to go to sleep knowing you offended no one, or that your mate has been reminded once more that you can’t get enough of him/her? In other words, do you want people to say “I think he loves her,” or “He’s so crazy about her.” My friends, your mate prefers the latter. Now go show yours what you’ve been hiding.


Meagan went to the gym last night and decided to stop by and pay Jill and me a visit. I still worry about her driving, but I am beginning to realize some of the benefits. Like she can come see me when she wants to, or when she forgets something she meant to take to her mom’s house she can come back and get it rather than me drop everything to take it to her. She’ll even run an errand for me – for $5. Perhaps I taught her too well how to negotiate.

Book Report

The young kids (4 – 8 years old) in the neighborhood all came over after school to receive their copies of the photographs I took the day before. They politely knocked, entered the house and waited quietly in the foyer as I retrieved the photos, and sweetly thanked me as I handed each his/her portrait. They admired their own, then their friends, thanked me again and made their way out the door onto the front porch. Mannerly and orderly, all. Until I shut the door that is. That’s when the hooting and hollering began, when they leapt off the porch and ran across the yard screaming “We’re going to be in a book!” I returned to my office and work feeling rather satisfied. I sat down at my desk and resumed tormenting myself over a revision of a chapter, occasionally looking up at the photos on my wall, faces of family and friends that I took and which have appeared in one of my books, books about people I love. Yes, I have found the golden key.

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