Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good use of time

Crazy Train (of thought)

We had company yesterday and I couldn’t get into the office, which serves as a guest room in a time of need. Sorry I missed you. And alas, I am leaving for DC tomorrow for the book convention, so this is most likely the last post for this week. I’ll be home all week next week, the girls will be here, so I’ll be back to daily posts with rich new material. Thanks for reading!

Jill and I tried to take a power walk last night but along the way we stopped and chatted five times with our neighbors. We also waved at three others who drove by. I love our neighborhood!

Gosh, I am going to be away from home for three days without my sweetie. Our longest separation since getting married. I miss her already.

Bold moves take guts. Sometimes doing nothing is a bold move.

When you take credit for what others have done, how long will it be before you have no others?

When your heart is empty, do you try to fill it, or empty out the heart of others?

Marital Bliss

When Jill wakes me up to tell me she has had a nightmare about someone kidnapping Princess, what am I supposed to do? Celebrate?


Jill and I try to keep our girls happy, to give them full lives, lives rich with experiences they will remember for years. Like when we went to NYC just to get frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, when we went to Chicago to see Wicked, when we eat at Mel’s on Sunset Blvd. Like when we go to Boston this summer to see the July 4th fireworks over the harbor. You know, you have so little time with your kids, but what you do with that time, affects a lifetime. What are you doing with your time? Make good use of it. You can’t roll it back and try again.

Book Report

While at the Book Expo of America I get to meet other authors, book sellers, agents and publishers. It is a great networking opportunity. Yet what I enjoy most is meeting the owners of little independent book stores who tell me stories of how customers have been found crying in the isles reading my books. When all you really wanted to do in your life is to help people, it is so gratifying to hear that you have. Thank you Lord, for the honor and opportunity you have bestowed upon me.

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