Friday, May 26, 2006

A little something different

It has been crazy at our house this week – everyday had a different schedule of each woman. Jill had official teacher days and non-student days, Linley went in late each day and Meagan had half-days. All had something to do afterward (or in some cases, for me to do for them), and none could tell me until the last minute which of their optional plans were going to come into play. Then I have been editing like a mad man to finish a book, making time to take care of the yard, go grocery shopping and then cook. Whew! No wonder I look forward to the end of the evening when I can sit and relax, watch my family and enjoy the fun we share. Like last night:

Our neighbors, Laura and Allison, came by for dinner. We had a chopped Mediterranean salad and a chicken-pistachio-basil bowtie pasta (a little something I whipped up in 30 minutes). The ladies showed up with wine carafe in hand, so we had some vino, too. First all had to admire the pink sparkly feather boa Jill bought for Princess. Then we sat down to eat, adult women on one side of the table, the younguns and I on the other. Meagan announces she is breaking up with her boyfriend and all want to know why. As she explains, each woman at the table had a different less-than-affectionate name for the guy and a plan for revenge or something worse (can’t repeat it – children read this, too). Meagan feels supported and agrees with several opinions from her feminine peers, all of whom said the same thing I said a few days ago, but then I don’t count; it seems I’m a guy. The quote of the evening was mine – “You can’t be walked on if you don’t lie down.”

We had no dessert so Linley decides to provide entertainment. This means moving all the den furniture against the wall, putting in a CD and playing it at “wake the neighbors” volume, and then practicing cheerleading routines, including cartwheels. Laura, wine glass in hand, decides to show us she can still cheer, too. She tried a herky-jerky but it looked more like a seizure. Allison and I looked at each other and wondered how long it would take an ambulance to find my house. Jill proceeds to show us her flag corp routine and I realize I’m not nearly as flexible as I’d like to be. In the midst of it all Meagan gets on the phone and finds a girlfriend to meet her for a “movie” but I’m sure it was just to get one more point-of-view and endorsement for the “I’ll show him” scheme. Soon she and the neighbors left, then Linley panics, remembering something she needs from Target. It’s now 9:15.

We load up, go shopping (Linley gets some cheerleading stuff, Jill gets Princess a bathing suit, and I get to pay for it). As we headed for the car, Jill suddenly panics. She needs two matching potted plants as parting gifts for two friends at work. Off to Home Depot, thank goodness if is still open; it’s nearly 10:00.

We finally get home, rearrange the furniture and clean the dishes, then I collapse on the sofa for a few minutes of news. I see headlights in the drive and realize Meagan has come home. She enters and announces all her friends agree with Allison’s recommendation (her option didn’t involve blood evidence). She kisses me goodnight and climbs the stairs for bed. Linley follows. Jill and I chat a bit, and then she, too, retires. Now it’s just Princess and I left in the den. I’m barefoot and she still in her boa. It wasn’t until then, when the noise was over, all tasks and consultations completed, and the crowd dispersed, that I realized something. That dog can’t even swim.

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