Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Crazy Train (of thought)

Who would you rather be, the guy who goes to sleep with a smile on his face, or rage in his heart? Me? I smile, and I sleep well.

He who tries to divide another man’s house is himself standing on a crumbling foundation.

I crack up when I see grown men marking their territory. I thought only dogs and little boys did that.

The problem with insanity is that by virtue of it, you can’t reason with it.

When all the witnesses and facts point to one conclusion, yet the accuser keeps insisting upon another, you’ve got yourself a loser.

What do you think of that South Beach murder-suicide incident? My heart goes out to the deceased little boys and the surviving wife, and I have no pity for the dead husband. Where in the Bible does it say, If your wife stops loving you, kill her and your offspring? Who are these guys who think, If I can’t have her, no one else will, either? Sick monsters, I think.

Marital Bliss

Jill and I got married December 20th at a historic bed & breakfast inn in Savannah, daughters and close family by our side. The inn was decorated in traditional southern Christmas charm; our wedding pictures were taken before the Christmas tree that stood 12 feet tall. I have one of those photos framed and sitting on my dresser. I see it each morning when I get out of bed and reach into the top drawer for my wedding band. This is why living with my wife feels like Christmas everyday.


Linley, her friend and I were in the car going home from the pool. Just as we were leaving the parking lot I looked out the window and saw a snake. “Look, a snake,” I said.
“Greg, that’s a stick or something.”
“No Linley, it’s a snake.”
“I think it’s a crack in the concrete.”
“It’s a snake; I’ll show you.” I got out of the car and poked it, and it crawled away.
“You just had to prove to me you were right, didn’t you?” Linley said as I got back behind the wheel.
“Yes, I had to make sure you knew the difference between a snake and a crack.”
“It’s not like I’m going to go around poking my finger in strange cracks,” she said.
There was a moment of awkward silence – then her friend said, “Well I certainly hope not.”

Book Report

I got this email yesterday:

“In your remarks about your Mom, you stated you had a list of things you wanted to do for her one day. Please, please, please, - DO NOT WAIT. Do them today; keep the list and do each thing now, while you can. I, too, had a list of things to do for my Mom one day - she was the lone caretaker for my Dad. Dad died and three months later Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. You see, all the time she was caring for him, she was dying, but no one knew it. She died one year to the day after my Dad. Do what you can today, even if it is a phone call - don't put it off.”

Good advice. Let’s hope we all follow it.

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