Monday, May 15, 2006

Rich indeed

Crazy Train (of thought)

My favorite song is one Jill sings. It goes “Somebody’s sexy, his name’s Greg.” That’s as far as she’s gotten with her lyrics, but it’s already a hit with me.

I ran across a guy on Amazon who has posted over 200 reviews of books and movies, most of which he gave the worst score, just 1 star. What an empty life he must lead if everything he encounters is so dissatisfying to him.

The family was discussing one of our planned weekend getaways this summer – a trip to Maine. What are the girls most excited about? Eating lobster at McDonalds.

Meagan and Linley walked through the streets of Atlanta arm in arm, zigzagging doing the Monkeys walk. I love watching them have fun together. I’m so glad they have each other.

I stopped for a cup of coffee and noticed the barista had a tattoo that showed through her white blouse. I asked her about it and then told her of mine. She thought it was sweet I have Jill’s name inked on me forever. Before I could say thanks, she turned around and dropped her pants to show me her boyfriend’s name on her buns. Honey, I asked for biscotti, not a moon pie.

Marital Bliss

We took my mother-in-law to dinner last night in celebration of Mom’s Day. There are many things I have gained since marrying Jill, not the least of which is a great set of in-laws. They hug me, tell me they love me, they are kind and generous to my daughter, and they thank me for taking care of Jill. Her father told me once, “Finally someone is taking care of her; I don’t have to worry any more.” That is a heck of a compliment. I love them both. I sent my mother-in-law a card for Mom’s Day, and she called me to tell me how much she appreciated it, ending the call with a sweet “love you a lot.” I am a rich man indeed.


It was supposed to be a Mother’s Day event, going downtown to stay in a high-rise hotel and visit the new Georgia Aquarium the next day, but like most things do, our expedition quickly became all about entertaining the girls (which in the end meant Jill got what she wanted, hugs and kisses from happy children). After dinner Friday night we went to the revolving bar at the top of the highest hotel in the western hemisphere, to relax and soak in the view. As we turned toward Turner Field, the Braves game ended and the firework show began. We slowly glided past the whole thing, observing from over 700 feet in the air. What a show; they loved it. Later, in the room and preparing for bed, the girls called. They wanted room service – it seems both had an ice cream craving. I said yes to that and a movie, hung up and kissed Jill goodnight. Just as we were telling one another how happy we were that the girls had had such a good night, my cell rang. It was them. “Yes?” I answered. “You’re an awesome dad,” came the reply. I went to bed smiling and having had a good night, too.

Book Report

Yes, four of my photographs from WHY A SON NEEDS A MOM appeared on Good Morning America during the special about Mother’s Day. It was quite exciting, to say the least. When that segment was over, they went to a live interview with Oprah, who was in the studio and most certainly saw my photos. Is that close enough for me to say Oprah has seen my book? Will I get that call, the one that will lead to my live guest appearance, and then book sales will soar into the stratosphere? It was so close I could almost feel it.

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