Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Southern charm, southern nights

Crazy Train (of thought)

Don’t you hate it when you poot right in the middle of an ab crunch?

I saw a guy’s car in the gym parking lot with a “Blessed” plate on the front bumper. I waved at him and said “I’m blessed, too.” We now speak to each other when we are in the gym at the same time. It’s so easy to make new friends, you just have to be willing to extend your hand.

My agent thinks she can sell my second novel – yahoo!!!

I love it when I’m at a sushi bar and order stuff that impresses the head chef. No rolls for me, I want jelly fish and sea urchin. I’m trying to get him to teach me how to curse in Japanese, but so far, no lessons. Maybe I need to buy him a bit more sake!

Don’t you hate it when you are in the express check out at the grocery, holding two bottles of wine, and you realize the slow woman ahead of you who you were just about to get annoyed with is the preacher’s wife?

Marital Bliss

I had a great entry in mind today, one that I would have written last night (I write a day ahead to get it posted early in the AM), but just as I was about to start typing, Jill came around the corner in little of nothing and said she wanted to “sit and visit.” This is all you get today. At least I thought I could leave you with a mental image rather than post late today. More tomorrow.


Jill and I received this email yesterday:

“Last evening as I enjoyed rocking on our screened-in porch, I recalled all the new memories my husband and I had the good fortune of making this past weekend. It was such a delight to meet all our daughter's friends and neighbors, especially the Langs. Now, whenever Allison speaks to us of her "Atlanta times," we will be able to imagine being there with her. Of all those "southern memories" I recall, my favorite has to be the one of your daughter, Linley, trying to teach Bob how to do the "YMCA" dance. When I spotted him doing that dance, my heart couldn't help but smile. Warmth and hugs from your new "northern" friends, Alicia and Bob.”

There are two things about that message that made me happy. First, that someone else enjoyed one of our girls (Linley is quite a dancer). It’s a good feeling knowing you are raising a child others enjoy rather than wish would go away. Second, after only a few hours together, someone would regard us as friends. It was just like the experience when Jill and I met Debbie and Kathy from Texas while vacationing in Savannah. When your heart is in the right place, it doesn’t take much to touch and be touched by other people.

Book Report

All the kids in the neighborhood know I am an author and photographer, and if I take their picture, it will probably show up in a book. Last evening I had an “appointment” with one of the kids down the street to take a photo in the park in the middle of our cul-de-sac. As I was setting up the shot I noticed a small crowd of children forming. Within minutes there were nine kids in line to get their picture taken. I spent the next hour taking photos of little guys and gals making funny faces and posing in the weirdest of ways. It was so much fun. Soon three parents showed up, someone opened a bottle of wine and a pseudo-party emerged. I posed the kids individually, as groups in all combinations, close-up and otherwise. I really got caught up in it. So caught up I didn’t think twice when one of the kids asked if he could take a picture of me. “Sure,” I said, handing over the camera and giving him a crash course on how to use it. Moments later he was holding it up, trying to balance it while I smiled. As I waited patiently for him to press the shutter, I caught a glimpse of another boy with a Star Wars light saber aimed at his head, his shoulders tense with desire to spring into action and take off his target’s head. That was when I realized, oh crap, that little boy is holding my $4500 Big Daddy camera, the one with which I make a living. You should see the look on my face in the photo he took when he finally decided to snap the shot.

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