Friday, May 12, 2006

Unmentioned but not unmentionable

Crazy Train (of thought)

Well that was a bit disappointing. ABC did open the segment about moms and their sons with four of my photographs, but made no mention of where they came from. I could just scream.

Oprah just said “Don’t waste the roses on the casket; give them to people while they live.” Wonderful.

Another iPOD purchase Linley made: Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers. Let’s hope she isn’t too easily influenced by music!

I think I have created a monster – every day this week at least one child has knocked on the door asking me to take their photograph. Is everyone in the neighborhood working on a modeling career?

Remember all those Mother’s Day cards we bought? You should have seen the face on the clerk at the Post Office when I went in to have them stamped. “You gotta lotta mommas,” she said.

I love Paul Simon and right now I’m listening to his new song. He’s singing a line that goes “Who’s going to love you when your looks are gone?” I’d ask, do you want someone who loves you only for your looks?

Hey Caitlyn! You looked great Saturday!

Marital Bliss

Meagan took Linley to school this morning so I could stay behind and watch Good Morning America. This gave me the opportunity to have a few minutes alone with Jill before she went to work, an opportunity to steal a few more kisses, to hold her tight and feel her pressed against me, to see her smile. I cannot get enough of my wife. Thank goodness, she does not tire of my hunger for her. Should she ever, I don’t know what I’ll do.


The girls have been great this week. Sometimes a 16 and a 12 year old can slip into believing it’s all about them, the world revolves around their interests and what they think they need. Well not this week. Between my imploding deadlines, Jill’s accident, all the inconvenience of not having a second car, our house was ripe for an outburst. Instead, they have chipped in to help without having to be asked, they have been sweet and affectionate to Jill and I and each other, they have not had a sister-spat, and they have remembered the things I forgot and passed on the opportunity to point out I might have “Alzheimer’s”. All this tells me we are have harmony in our house, that we are continuing and succeeding in our merge to one family, that all is going to be well and perhaps get even better. Like I said in the introduction to WHY WE ARE A FAMILY, “in our house, we have submitted to love’s gravity, and it pulls us closer together, day after day.”

Book Report

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing an excerpt from the book I wrote for my mom, WHY A SON NEEDS A MOM: 100 REASONS:

“I do not know what my mother’s dreams were, what plans she had in mind for herself as she grew up, where she wanted to visit or what she might have become if she had chosen to live her life differently. I am ashamed that I do not know these things because I have never thought to ask, but I also do not know because my mother has never uttered a word of disappointment about the life she has lived. I do not know of her regrets for she does not share them, if they exist, nor does she lament about what her life used to be like or otherwise give off signs of disappointment about what age has taken from her. Perhaps she has just accepted her life for what it is, thinking it is too late to change it. Or, perhaps she is happy with her life for what it has been. It is the latter, I like to think, because I know my mother has enjoyed being a mother, and a grandmother, and a surrogate mother or grandmother to those in need who have been fortunate enough to enter her life. I know this, because she never fails to seize the opportunity to act like a mom, to be there for someone.

I love my mother dearly, and I have a long list of things I want to do for her one day, but most of all I want to tell her “thank you”. I believe that a child, especially a son, can never express enough gratitude for what a mother has done. I know that I cannot, except that I know what I will do to try. I will do what my mother did for me: I will be there when she needs me, no matter what. I love you, Mom.”

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I do not know if you will even receive this but I found you blog - believe it or not - when I googled "midsouth magazine". Crazy. Anyway, in your remarks about your Mom, you stated that you had a list of things you wanted to do for her one day.
Please, please, please, - DO NOT WAIT. Do them today or at least one of them and keep the list and do each thing now, while you can. I, too, had a list of things to do for my Mom one day - she was the lone caretaker for my Dad. Dad died and three months later Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. You see, all the time she was caring for him, she was dying. We did not know that. She died one year to the day after my Dad.
Please, do not wait. Do what you can today, even if it is a phone call - don't put it off.