Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Crazy Train (of thought)

The young kids in the neighborhood are trying to raise money for summer already. First they were selling homemade chocolate sauce poured into those little Dixie Cups. I managed to pass on that one. Next they came around with homemade fruit smoothies in a pitcher. I bought one for $2, even though it was melted. It tasted awful. Then they came by with nothing to sell, but wanted to know if I had any extra money to “give away.” I gave ‘em a quarter each and asked them to skip me for the next few days.

Linley was singing a song that included a few Spanish lyrics. I’m not quite sure why she got so annoyed when each time they sang “como se yama” I sang “Come and see my momma.”

Why is AARP sending me membership information?

I now have my summer haircut. It’s about ¾ inches long all round. When Linley walks past she has to touch my head. I feel like the Blarney Stone. Hey, I’m part-Irish.

Marital Bliss

I’m alone as I write this (Tuesday night). I bought tickets for Jill to take herself, her mother and Linley to the Fox Theater to see Wicked. It is both a belated Mother’s Day gift for my mom-in-law and a surprise for Linley. She loves that play and this is the second time I’ve made it happen for her to see it. Just as they were about to pull away from the house she came running in the front door to thank me for giving them a “girls’ night out.” Her smile was priceless and made my night. As I was about to go up the stairs to my office I heard the door open again and this time it was Jill. She wanted to kiss me goodbye one more time. I know Joann is going to come in and hug me goodnight when they return in a few hours, she’s that kind of mom-in-law. It is sweet, having the love of your family, isn’t it?


Today is Meagan’s last day of school; tomorrow, Linley’s. You think my schedule was busy during school days? Let the fun begin. Meagan’s yearbook camp (she’s the photographer – chip off the daddy block!), volunteer work, weekends with girlfriends, etc., and Linley’s cheerleading camp, church camps, her girlfriend weekends, and then there is Jill, who doesn’t work during the summer. I may never see the light of day in June and July.

Book Report

After each Mother’s and Father’s Day I get lots of email from people who received one of my books as a gift. I’m delighted with them all, but now and then one really stands out and makes me feel like I have done something really worthwhile. This is the one this year:

“I am the proud father of two sons, ages 5 and 2. Each year I struggle to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my wife. This year, one of the gifts I purchased for my sons to give to their mother was WHY A SON NEEDS A MOM. The youngest boy, who hasn’t started kindergarten yet, is just starting to read. I thought it would be great if he would read the book to his mom instead of just letting her read it. I worked with him to assure him he could read this book to Mommy. We practiced and agreed he would present her with the book and read her 5 pages each day.

On Mother’s Day, he took the gift bag to his Mom and asked her to sit with him in a big chair. He pulled out the book and said he wanted to read to her. I left the room so they could be alone, but stayed around the corner to listen. While I could hear my wife begin to “tear up” as our son started to read the wonderful passages, I was equally emotional as I listened to him sounding out the words so perfectly. I do not know if you have heard a child read these passages to their mom or dad, but I can’t imagine the words having more impact than they did that morning in my family room. Thank you for a beautiful book and a memory I will never forget.”

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