Friday, June 02, 2006


Crazy Train (of thought)

I was able to introduce a friend and aspiring author to my agent recently, and now she has the chance to show her book proposal. Good luck, Laura!


While having Thai food last night I overheard the waitress recommend the calamari to the diners at the table behind Jill and I. “Isn’t that an internal organ?” someone asked? I don’t understand Thai, but based on the chatter and laughter that came from the kitchen shortly thereafter, the staff thought it was funny, too.

I had a conversation with a good man today, someone who legally immigrated from Peru. He spent six years trying to become a citizen – he started a small business, he is a tax payer. He does not abuse the system; he shared with me how he is working two jobs to pay off an $18,000 medical bill. Now that’s the kind of people we want coming into our country, wouldn’t you agree?

Marital Bliss

Jill woke up this morning and told me I am an awesome husband (I love my wife), a wonderful stepfather (it’s my goal), and a superb adoptive dad for Princess (she had me in the palm of her hand until she got to that part).


Our new housekeepers started today and I was giving them a tour of the place. While in Meagan’s room I surveyed her desk and bulletin board. There she had photos, notes and cards I have given her, including the birthday card I wrote for Blue Mountain Arts that she inspired:

This is a special day
not only for you
but for me, too.
It is the day you entered my life,
the day you fulfilled one of
my dearest dreams,
the day you made me
a loving parent.

Your life is my dearest treasure,
your happiness is my goal,
and your love is my
sweet reward.
I love you, I do,
and on your birthday,
I wish you the same joy
that you have brought to me.

Happy birthday!

Book Report

Based on my current signed projects, I’ll crank out five books this year. Whew!

As you know, I take the photographs for my books. I usually use family and friends for models, and occasionally strangers I happen to meet. When I select friends to pose I choose someone who has done a favor for me or is important to Jill and me in some way. I recently saw the cover to my newest book (coming out this Fall) “Why We Are Friends,” and it features a friend of ours, a realtor. She really fought for us to get this house, the one Jill loved above all others in a neighborhood she has wanted to live in for years. It was the least I could do for you, Susan, after how much you did for me to help make my wife happy. Thanks again!

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