Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday, Monday

Crazy Train (of thought)

Books Are Fun, the book seller that travels from school to school, has sold over 300,000 copies of just four of my books! They want me to attend a sales conference in Boca Raton, but it is the same day Meagan has her surgery, so I can’t make it. I was a bit reluctant to tell them so, not wanting to offend. To my delight they understood completely and even remarked, “We understand, a daughter needs her dad!”

I am trying to branch out my photography to fine art images rather than limit myself to the shots I take for the books. I’m having my first one-man show at The Showcase School gallery; I’m displaying 9 images from my walk-about series. Next, the Museum of Modern Art…

A new personal best at the gym – 180 pound chest press, 20 times! Not bad for an “old guy” of 46.

And then, Jill and I power walked around Stone Mountain – 5 miles in 1hour, 20 minutes. That’s a constant 3.8 MPH!

The family and I always get at least one cheesy, tacky photo of us on each road trip. I framed them this weekend and Jill and stood back to admire what we have done. Riding on the speedboat on the harbor in Chicago, standing with the Hulk at the wax museum in NY, the dolphin encounter in the Bahamas, the GA Aquarium, standing before the Beverly Hills sign in LA, and so much more. In this family we play together. This family will stay together.

Marital Bliss

Jill and I were sitting on the porch Saturday morning drinking coffee, reading the paper and waving at the morning joggers passing by. Princess sat in one of the porch chairs, dismissive of the passers-by.
“Look, Princess is guarding the house,” Jill said.
“She’s trying to remember her name,” I said.
“Be nice, her birthday is coming up.”
“I know, I have it on my calendar.”
“I knew you loved her.”
“I’m planning to be out of town that day.”
Sometimes there’s just a limit to how much you can take.


Father’s Day here was great! Meagan and I went golfing, to the driving range really, and we looked like a cross between Happy Gilmore and Caddy Shack! She made dinner for me, the first time she has cooked a full-blown meal, and it was great! She even made dessert, a pumpkin pie with caramel ice cream. Linley came home and joined us, and we all sat together to watch a movie. Our fine friends Laura and Allison stopped by with a sweet gift for me, a wonderful cabernet that added a touch of spice to the evening, and all was well. Meagan and I stayed up until around 1:00 before finally climbing the stairs to bed. I love my kid. I love being a dad. I don’t do the job perfectly, but at least I do it with pleasure.

Book Report

Father’s Day email I received yesterday:

“Today is Father’s Day. When I went to bed last night I found a copy of your book on my pillow (Why a Daughter Needs a Dad). In the book a page was marked that said other things including… “to stand with her on the day she marries the man she hopes will be just like her father.”
My daughter is almost 25 and has recently finished her second year as a Kindergarten teacher. She married a fine young man this past October and she is and has been the joy of my life now for a quarter of a century. As I read through the book last night and this morning I had to take a moment to thank you for the words as well as the pictures. I not only could identify with the book, I have lived it! Thanks so much for making my Father’s Day even more special. May God richly bless you on this special day.”

“I purchased your book "Why a Daughter Needs a Dad" for my husband (from our one-year old daughter) for Father's Day. I have only been able to read a few pages so far, because I don't want to soak the pages with tears before he even receives it. You see, my own father passed away suddenly just over a week ago, and your book could have been modeled after him. I am thanking you for sending me a reminder of all the wonderful things that together made him a wonderful dad. I look forward to someday relishing every page.”

“Thank you for doing the book "Why a daughter needs a Dad". I just sent it off to my own dad who has always been there - even though he always thought he was far from perfect. He has always been there for close to 51 years. Thanks for helping me tell him how important that is.”

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