Thursday, June 29, 2006

Number 9!

Crazy Train (of thought)

While driving the back roads I managed to get the wife’s go-cart in the three-digit range on the speed dial before she woke up and had a conniption.

Guess what? WHY A DAUGHTER NEEDS A DAD is number 9 (Hardcover, Advice) on the New York Times’ Bestseller list next week!

No Jill, that doesn’t mean Princess gets a new dress. And no, she won’t be going to the party. She could use some dental work, though.

I’m in Nashville all day tomorrow to plan the next round of books with my publisher, and am hitting the road very early, so this will be the last entry for this week. See you again on Monday!

We’ve seen Laura for dinner twice this week and have plans for one more evening together. We love our friends!

Marital Bliss

Jill and I spent an evening in one of our favorite spots, the Fryemont Inn in Bryson City, NC. It is a rustic place – no phones, TV, air conditioning or Internet access. You bath in a claw-foot tub and entertain yourself on the rocking chair porch watching the leaves in the Smokey Mountains. It rained our first day, so no hiking or photography, just conversation, reading and napping. On the second day, a dry one, we put the top down and drove through the twisting mountain roads over to another small town for lunch and window shopping. On the way Jill snoozed and I listened to jazz as I enjoyed the wind in my face and absorbed the beauty around me. At one point while paused alongside the road to watch a waterfall, my hand on my wife’s leg, the sun warming me, I recognized John Coltrane coming over the speakers. I was listening to “My Favorite Things” on saxophone. How fitting. I’ll say it again, I’m so blessed. Thank you Father!


Linley surprised me with a phone call from the church camp at Panama City Beach. She has decided to sponsor a child in Africa and needed information from me to complete the donor support form. Imagine this – a 12-year old electing to give 1/3 of her allowance to someone in need. I smiled. It is a great sensation when pride comes over you. The kids know Jill and I support several charity and service organizations as well as two churches. They, in turn, do too when and as they can. Good citizens, they are, yes indeed.

Book Report

A recent email I received:

“I wanted to just take a moment to thank you for your book “Why a Daughter Needs a Dad”. I have three beautiful step daughters from my recent marriage. Their father was never really in the picture and more than likely will not be a part of their lives. Although this is sad, it gives me an awesome opportunity to bringing them up as my own, an opportunity which I don’t take lightly. The girls gave me this book for Father’s Day and I have read it with the mindset that God speaks to me and helps me see things through the eyes of a real “Daddy”. This is easier said than done, but I will strive every day to that end. My hope is that someday in the near future they will see me and love me like they would a real Dad. Your book has helped me understand how important my job is and the many reasons those girls need me in their life. I appreciate the time you took to release such a simple yet profound book for Dads everywhere. I will go back and re-read this book a few times a year to remind myself of the opportunity God has given me to make a positive difference in their lives.”

I think we would all agree it is best for children to know and have his/her own father in their lives, but sadly, it isn’t always the case. However, it is wonderful when a man steps up and says “I’ll love and raise those children.” What child is better off with just one adult giving parental love? And when the natural father is around, isn’t it still a good thing for there to be a loving step-father in the picture? Image how rich the life when a child wakes everyday knowing three, even four adults have love and concern in their hearts for him/her.

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Destiny Klepper said...

That is funny that you will be in Nashville tomorrow. Jeff and I are heading up there as well but we won't get there until late tomorrow. We are just going up to see some friends and are coming home on Monday. Have a safe trip!