Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another one in the can

Crazy Train (of thought)

Will these campaign ads ever stop! It’s so silly, “He’s fat,” “I’m a better Christian,” “I was once poor,” “free healthcare,” “better roads,” and similar attempts to convince Georgians who to vote for. I hate pandering and the folks who peddle it. Have you ever stopped to wonder why someone would spend all that money on a campaign to get a job that pays so little? Sounds like a hidden agenda to me.

The blind date Jill and I set up for two friends has turned into a meaningful match. I love good Karma.

Those who stoop down low rather than stand high usually end up with a little dog squeeze on their faces.

When you know someone who is evil you are never surprised at how low a black heart can sink into the mire.

Last night my fortune cookie predicted a windfall is coming my way soon. For once I get one I hope will come true!

Ever notice how those who think “we” should be doing more to help those without the self-respect to help themselves want to do it with “your” money?

Marital Bliss

Jill starts teaching in her first classroom in two weeks, ending a 2-month vacation we have shared together. It has been wonderful having her near me all day; we’ve had so much fun and enjoyed so much freedom. As I think about this upcoming change in our daily routine, I’m not sure what I dread more, getting up at 6:30 AM again, going without her for ten hours a day, or for those same ten hours, having all the responsibility for that little pucking dust mop she calls a dog. The love is strong, Jill, the love is strong!


Meagan is at a “camp” learning how to assemble a high school yearbook. She is on the photography staff (taking after her Daddy). I called last night just before 11:00 to chat, but she was too busy working with her group to select a theme for the yearbook. I suggested a few, “Putting the Squeeze on Mom and Dad,” “Living on a Gravy Train,” “The Last Years (of Carefree Living)” and “Making Up and Making Out,” but she didn’t seem to like any of my ideas.

Book Report

Well, I did it – finally finished the latest book. Due out this Fall, Why We Are Friends is about friendship, those casual and deeply significant. As you might guess, it is dedicated to my best friend, Jill. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

"What makes someone a best friend varies, I think, for each of us. For some a best friend can only be a same sex-companion, but for others a best friend can be either gender or any age. Some would claim a sibling, a spouse or even a parent as their best friend. What is so unique about the best friend relationship is that there are no universal criteria for it; it is simply a matter of personal choice, whether that choice is obvious or not. No two best friends are just like any other two. In fact there may be nothing in common about best friends, but no matter, because no one you claim as your best friend can be proven otherwise."

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