Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy B-Day USA

Crazy Train (of thought)

Words I’d love to hear:

1. My doctor – “You can eat all you want because you’ll never gain another pound.”
2. My banker – “I’m sorry, Mr. Lang, you need to use our special deposit slips. These don’t have enough spaces for all those zeros.”
3. A wedding planner – “May I introduce Greg and Jill Lang, celebrating their 50th anniversary!”
4. A surprise phone call – “Mr. Lang, this is People Magazine calling. You’ve been selected as one of our 50 most beautiful people.”
5. Rene Russo – “And the Oscar for Best Screenplay goes to … Gregory E. Lang!” and then she kisses me as she presents the Oscar.
6. My literary agent – “I’ve auctioned your book. It brought in a million dollar advance.”
7. My art agent – “The Museum of Modern Art wants to purchase twenty of your photos for their permanent collection.”
8. Dr. Phil – “What do you think I should do, Greg?”
9. Oprah – “This is the book of the decade.”
10. Our vet – “Princess has gone to little puppy Heaven.”

Our new neighbor has a bike fitted with a dog basket. She’s now Jill’s new best friend, too.

Laura and Allison asked Jill and me if we would take them in the Rover to pick up some large framed photos that wouldn’t fit in their car trunk. Of course I was happy to oblige. Imagine my surprise when we got there and the darn things were as big as a king-size mattress. The whole scenario was hilarious, trying to get the photos home (they were beautiful, BTW) complete with a pushy old woman in an elevator and a free-for-all in the parking lot trying to wedge everyone and everything into the SUV. They then took us to lunch for sushi, tapas and a great wine – the only thing better was the life stories shared and laughter that followed. The Pup and The Bird are great companions!!!

Taken from an actual conversation:

#1 “We need to get going; we have to finish our walk before it gets dark.”
#2 “Why’s that? You going to turn into a pumpkin?”
#1 “She,” #1 pointing to #3, “is afraid of frogs.”
#3 “They might jump out and get me!”
#4 “I have the same fear!”
#2 “You’re afraid of frogs?”
#4 “One might accidentally jump into my mouth while I’m screaming.”
#1 “You watched horror films as a child, didn’t you?”

Marital Bliss

Sometimes Jill wakes up first, other times I do, but either way, we stay in repose and wait for the other to wake up and then a morning kiss is shared. It is the best way to start a day; I’m then in a great mood all day long. When a day begins with such sweet affection, it doesn’t even bother me when Jill sometimes jumps out of bed and does the Rocky dance, screaming “The young girl is up, and the old man is still down.”


We are leaving this morning for our trip to Boston, another leg of our journey, our plan to give the girls memorable experiences before they leave home. If you watch the Boston Pops playing during the fireworks, you might see us on the pier watching the whole show. I’ll be the happy man with a beautiful wife and two great kids; and wearing a red shirt and Georgia Bulldogs cap. Check in again July 10th for an update!

Book Report

My favorite thing about being published is getting fan mail, like this one:

“This year for Mother's Day I received your book, ‘Why a Son Needs a Mom,’ from my son. The gesture touched me deeply. You see, this year was the year my son made plans to move into his own apartment, thus, the sentiments he wrote on the covers of the book when he gave them to me are priceless--and, I believe the words of the book encouraged his prose, since I received a poem written by him as well. He is a reservist in the WV Air National Guard and has just returned from a tour in Afghanistan. Finding your book as my present for this past Mother's Day was all the more touching as he was home again, safe and sound. As my son starts a new chapter in his life, I can only hope that one day he will have the joy of experiencing what parenthood is all about. This book rests on my table in the living room - each Sunday morning I take a few quiet moments and read the words you wrote and once again feel the overwhelming joy of being called a "mom."

Each one moves me differently, each one is priceless. I love them all.

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