Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ponder This

Crazy Train (of thought)

Don’t you hate it when you see that you have misspelled something in an email? It’s worse when after you find your mistake, you remember you’re an author.

It’s so dang dry in GA my koi are getting sunburned.

I got hungry at the LaGuardia airport and went looking for a sandwich. I asked a waitress if they had any; I didn’t see a menu. “Yes, two,” she said. “A whole turkey sandwich for $7.99 and a half turkey sandwich for $5.99.” I guess it costs a lot to pay the guy to cut one sandwich in half.

While sipping coffee in a diner in NYC I met two gals from Texas. It seems I always run into women from Texas. They are rather easy to spot – big blonde hair, big ya-yas, and big diamonds. Not to be mean, though, because the truth is they are also among the nicest people you could run into. I love Texas, and all my friends from Texas.

Do you know how you talk really loud when you ware wearing headphones? When boarding the plane on the return leg home I was walking behind a couple, all headed toward our seats. They both were rather short; she was wearing an iPOD with earbuds on. She sat down and he struggled to get her overstuffed bag into the overhead bin. She looked up and shouted, “If you’re too short to reach it, I’ll get someone who can.” Poor guy – the laughter was deafening.

You know you are riding with a rookie when the cabbie gets lost in Queens and then asks you how to get to the airport.

Marital Bliss

Jill and I were discussing when to go to dinner last night:

“When would you like to go to dinner, my hunk of love?” she asked.
“Whenever it pleases you, my sweet.”
“No, when it pleases you. You are the King of this household, whatever you say goes.”
“Why isn’t it always like that?”
That’s the last thing I remember about that.


Sometimes what lifts your heart is something so small no one notices – except you - that it means so much to you. I had such an experience Tuesday night. I was late getting home due to airport delays in Atlanta (isn’t that always the case!) and had asked Jill and Meagan to go to bed rather than wait up for me. Both insisted they would nothing of the kind and then did wait for me. When I came in the front door Meagan looked from her perch on the sofa and called out “Daddy!!!,” lept up and scurried down the hall in a half-dance half-somersault kind if jig and jumped into my arms, giving me a big kiss on the check, where she has planted her smooches in the past years. I was delighted to have the affection and to receive such an enthusiastic greeting from someone that has stopped kissing me on the lips. Oh, but wait. Today I took her to the airport; she’s flying to Canada to meet her mother. Along the way we talked about everything under the sun, especially as it related to her turning 18 in less than two years and leaving for college, leaving the lap of indulgence at home. At the airport I got her bag out of the SUV and sent her off to check herself in, a task she was determined to master on her own, certain she would need to know how to do it by herself one day. I hugged her and said my good-bye, and then she (drum roll) kissed me on my lips!!!!! Ask me how happy I am and I’m sure I can’t find words descriptive enough!

Book Report

Each book does not sell as well as the other nor does each appear on a best-seller list, but I am happy with every one because each in its own way touches someone in a manner unique but meaningful to that reader. Such was the email I recently received:

“Yesterday I received a copy of your book Why I Chose you from my 9 year old adopted son. Your book made me laugh and cry. As a mother of 4 adopted children, your book brought some many "truth" and "memories" on why I adopted my children, plus a few others I have thought about over the years. Of course the tears came when I read what my son had written in the book: "I got this book because I love you Mom". Thank you for writing about our story.”

I’m having a really good week! Except for that losing consciousness part.

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