Wednesday, August 23, 2006

31 months strong

Crazy Train (of thought)

The UN can’t “actively” search for Hezbollah’s weapons? Are you kidding me? Does it take a genius like me to understand that means “we have weapons, and we’ve hidden them”? Pull out of the UN and go it alone.

The lyrics of most of today’s top songs are disgusting. I don’t know about you, but we won’t permit our daughters to walk around singing something that really means “I’m a whore and I don’t care. Take me, shake me, break me, I’m just a worthless toy.”

We attended a parent-teacher meeting last night and the French teacher said, “Learning a new language is hard at first because all the words sound different.” No kidding.

Life has a way of kicking you in the arse when you think too much of yourself, doesn’t it? I think humility should be taught at an early age – it prevents a lot of bruises.

In my line of work I take nude and partially nude photos of beautiful women. One recently told me she was very comfortable posing for me because she likes working with a photographer my age. That was rather deflating.

I had lunch with a friend of mine, a gay man. When we were finished and standing in the parking lot, I hugged him goodbye, like I do with all my good friends. I saw a woman in the café watching us and she shook her head in distain. Who gives a crap lady; I was there for fellowship with a friend, not to impress you. Loosen up, you’ll be happier.

Marital Bliss

Jill and I just had our 31-month anniversary. Here’s a little poem I wrote for her:

I love to awaken next to you,
to hear you say my name,
to kiss you first thing in the morning,
to begin my day with you,
and to tell you over and over again
that I love you.

I love to look into your eyes,
to hold your hand in mine,
to have a little laugh with you,
to go out into the world with you,
and to tell you over and over again
that I love you.

I love to sit beside you,
to see your sweet smile,
to learn something new about you,
to spend my whole day with you,
and to tell you over and over again
that I love you.

I love to go home with you,
to relax and have fun with you,
to say thanks for what we have shared,
to end my day with you,
and to tell you over and over again
that I love you.

I love to have you in my arms,
to hold you tight against me,
to kiss you last thing in the evening,
to begin my night with you,
and to tell you over and over again
that I love you.


Meagan, my responsible, industrial little girl, has gotten herself a part-time job after school so she can make her own money for all those shoes she insists on owning and the girls’ nights out that have only increased in number since they all turned 16. Ah, finally, the door opens – she’ll soon begin to understand why I hate paying more than my fair share of taxes. Another Republican in the making!

Book Report

My newest book, “Simple Acts: Creating Happiness for Yourself and Those You Love” will be in stores in the next few weeks. Here is a snippet from the introduction:

“Do you need a book to find happiness, you might ask? Well, if you are looking for happiness, then yes, you do need this book. Because it will help you understand that happiness isn’t found, it is made. You see, happiness isn’t external to you, something you can buy or earn—it is something within you. Each of us has the ability to create our own happiness; we just need to find our personal outlet for its expression. The simple acts described in the following pages are meant to help you find your outlet. Try a few—heck, maybe even all of them. You’ll soon see that laughter and happiness follow when you act in simple, unexpected, gracious, or humorous ways.”

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