Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chicken DUI

Crazy Train (of thought)

People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do. So do what you want to be remembered for, and nothing else.

I understand the place for personal trademarks, but unless you’re going to a rodeo, those cowboy hats look pretty weird.

That Marvo guy in Virginia – the one whose mom says he was a good kid – really? Didn’t he just kill two people? Good Lord, the way moms can stretch a definition.

Why do people keep asking me to write a book about dogs? Don’t they understand how much my wife’s dog drives me nuts? Rather than write a book I’d like to make a short film, perhaps of me shooting the mutt out of a cannon.

Marital Bliss

I am the cook in our house, and for good reason. Jill likes instant rice and canned beans. The other night I told her I planned to cook chicken breasts simmered in a rosemary & red wine reduction . She revolted, saying it sounded disgusting. Last night I cooked chicken in guess what? Rosemary & red wine reduction. Except this time I called it Drunken Chicken. She loved it and immediately packed all the leftovers for her lunch today, leaving me only with the dirty dishes. Now I’m having a sober peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch. How about you?

Book Report

It has taken awhile, but it seems, at least I hope so, that my book “Life Maps: Simple Directions for Finding Your Way” is catching on. I’ve seen several announcements where it was donated to public libraries in honor of a loved one or mentor. That is a great compliment I never expected, to have my work serve as a symbol in the hearts and memories of other people. One donor wrote: “This timeless guidebook for living touches on hundreds of little things that add up to one happy, treasured life. An excellent gift book for any age, it will appeal to anyone looking to avoid the bumps in the road and to relish the best life has to offer.” I hope in years to come, when my girls wonder how important they might have been to me, that they will read this book with a fresh eye. It was written for them.

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