Monday, August 21, 2006

Girl Fight

Crazy Train (of thought)

Before you can take the high road, you’ve actually got to have some idea where it is.

Who are the underprivileged, really? Underachievers, perhaps?

Our neighbor Sam likes to torture me. She recently bought Princess a new sundress and Jill immediately put her in it and then took pictures. Now there is one hanging in our photo hallway, a dog in a pink and green dress. It’s like shards of glass under my nails, it is.

The most difficult thing about negotiations is making sure all parties end up with a little something-something they wanted out of the deal. Failing that, make sure your guns are loaded and the engine is running.

Jill and I went to the Kenny Chesney concert over the weekend and saw all the young women who dream of becoming his sweetheart and scream out their undying love during and between songs. It didn’t take long before a girl fight broke out as they pushed each other for a better view of the stage. As they were escorted from the building I couldn’t help but wonder why must rednecks get drunk and holler before they can call it a good time?

Marital Bliss

Jill is trying s hard to make a good impression in her first year as a teacher. She’s working long nights and into the weekend, and now rises earlier than ever to get back to the task. I love having a wife who is so invested in her career, who wants so much to make a difference in these special needs kids’ lives. She inspires me.


One of the great pleasures of managing a blended family is seeing it work at its cohesive best. As in while Jill and I went to the concert and left the girls behind, they independently decided to go out for dinner together rather than eat leftovers at home. Then, when Jill and I came home late and moaning about wanting to sleep in, they volunteered to get themselves up and drive themselves to church, letting us sleep in. Now if only they’d help me with the yard and the dishes.

Book Report

While searching the web I discovered a little book about men and their children that includes quotes from famous and celebrity fathers. Guess who one of the men is? My next question is, do I get a hit from the royalties? I also noticed one of my books, WHY A SON NEEDS A DAD, mentioned on Dr., and saw that even though it isn’t out yet, people are already ordering WHY WE ARE FRIENDS on That’s exciting. I showed the proof of this book to Heather, a friend of mine down the street, and she nearly started crying on the first page. Cha-ching!

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